Qabala is a city in Azerbaijan's Qabala Region.

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Old Qəbələ

Ruins and excavations of the ancient capital of Caucasian Albania. Archeological excavations are currently in progress. Archeological findings are exhibited in a museum in Qəbələ.

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Karvan Hotel

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Hotel Qabala

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About Qabala

Qabala is rich with historical monuments there are many memorials in Qabala. For example, the remains of old Caucasian Albania`s capital Qabala, the stone monuments in the Hachalli (4th century), Surkhay tower in the Boyuk Emilli (first millennium BC), the temple in Hacalli (4th century), Surkhay toüer in the south part of town (10th-13th century), a castle in Yengiche (4th-14th century), Monuments in village (antique period) Yenikend, a tower in Hazra (15th century), etc. There are generally more than 93 memorials in Qabala.


Source: wikivoyage