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Paphos Bird Park

A large animal park located north of Paphos. Tickets are 15.50 €/adult and 8.50 €/child

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About Paphos

Paphos is renowned as the birthplace of Greek goddess '''Aphrodite'''. Modern-day Paphos is divided in two, with the upper section up the hill being the commercial center, and lower '''Kato Paphos''' containing the main archaeological points of interest, as well as most hotels and tavernas. The local government seem to be ploughing a lot of money into improving the lower '''Kato Paphos''' area which combines hotels, bars and restaurants along a coastal strip a few km long. Most of the work is now finished as of November 2008. There is a newly built front leading round to the marina and a long coastal path with amazing views - perfect for a morning or evening stroll.


Source: wikivoyage