Oyama (小山, ) is the second most populous city in southern Tochigi prefecture], [[Japan.

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Ramen Genki

Chuo-cho 3-5-20 (''at the far left end of the block in front of JR Oyama Station West Exit that has Cafe Colorado on one corner''). Open 11AM to 2AM. Closed Su. Handmade gyoza. House ramen ¥500, lunch special ¥630, cold chuka soba ¥800.

EAT   —  +81 285-21-2050 —  Map

Excel Inn Oyama

Single ¥6300, deluxe single ¥7800 (for 2 ¥9200), twin ¥10500, deluxe twin ¥12000. Free breakfast service 6:30 to 9:30 am. All hotel literature bilingual (Japanese-English). Internet connected computer in 1F lobby.


Chuo-cho 3-6-6 (''at the end of the alley that runs down the middle of the block in from of JR Oyama Station West Exit''). Open 11AM to 9PM. Closed Sa. Handmade soba, udon. Zarusoba ¥570, yakiniku teishoku ¥720.

EAT   —  +81 285-22-0159 —  Map


A foreigner-friendly, family-friendly, and family-run izakaya that serves up an impressive variety of tasty meals, appetizers, and drinks.

EAT   —  +81 285-31-3557 —  Map

Kokusai Daiichi Hotel

Free international calls in the lobby to Korea, Canada, and the U.S.; free high-speed (ADSL) Internet access from rooms.

SLEEP   —  +81 285-24-3161 —  Chuo-cho 3-3-2

Natty Pub

Reggae bar with tropical treats.

Toyoko Inn Oyama-eki Higashi-guchi No.1

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