Osterwieck is a city in the north of the Harz in Saxony-Anhalt in Germany.

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From Osterwieck starting to go out of town to the south, cross the bridge and head towards Ilse shows. From the exit there is an accompanying road bike path. In looking at the big bakery, turn right following the main road towards Castle stack. Cross the bridge to the B 6n 100 meters turn right and drive west to the next traffic light. This left the bike path begins to Ilsenburg. Ilsenburg with various rest and sights invites you to rest. From the market in the north, past the post office and gas station, go towards the outskirts. After crossing the bridge Ilse after 100m turn left (as indicated). Then just follow the Ilse partly right and partly left the shore. You can reach Veckenstedt later life water (swimming pool on the way). At the exit you will cross a railway line, turn to the right direction Ilse. Continue the path you can reach Berßel. Links to confirmation by the Ilse you drive around the place, either you can also drive around Berßel for example in the castle or in the Kutscherstübchen take something to himself. You can now reach the tarmac road Berßel look. From here, you turn left and drive about 300 meters. In a left turn, leave the paved road and continue straight on large poplars. On the horizon Osterwieck can already be seen - on your right which runs Ilse. On reaching the village, turn right over the bridge and then straight Ilse in the center and reach back to the starting point.

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Hiking: The Big Stone Case (Der Große Fallstein)

Analogous to Huy and Hakel is also the case in the stone a ridge Nordharzer foreshore, which is caused by squeezed into the shell height. About 4 km north of the ancient half-timbered town Osterwieck begins this book with forest-covered hills that lay before the reunification of the border between the GDR. West of 287 m above sea level. NN lying big event is the little stone case stone whose geological formation is identical with that of its bigger brother. The Great Stone case is a dedicated nature preserve. Protection objective in particular the preservation of Germany's easternmost outpost subatlantischer beech forests. This book is dominated forest on the floor of Woodruff. But also many other rare plants such as daffodils, pheasant's eye and liverworts are found there. The forest area is crisscrossed with numerous hiking trails. Particularly attractive is a visit from the direction of Osterwieck. From there you can drive up to the hermitage in the case of stone or wood house west to the east. Both are restaurants where you can fortify yourself before or after the walk. And in both restaurants, there is also the key to the nearby Bismarck tower climb. Mention should also still located in this southern slope, extensive cherry orchards, which give a touch of spring, especially in the Mediterranean atmosphere.

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Round trip over Hesse, and Zilly Dardesheim

The route runs right past the forest home. From here a paved path through the stone case. Shortly after leaving the Big Stone case, one has a panoramic view of the town of Hesse and the surrounding area. Now there are another 3 miles to Zilly. A trip to Wasserburg's worth. The castle is a real gem in the northern Harz foreland. Zilly of the tour goes toward Berßel now. After about 2.5 km on the highway is on the left is a concrete path that leads directly into Berßel. Once there, it continues towards Osterwieck. From Schauener Mountain offers a wonderful view over Osterwieck. The route goes straight on, past the monument left on a bike path. Next stop is 3 km away Rohrheim. You drive on the best route through the village towards Dardesheim. Shortly after leaving the village you will reach the viewpoint of the wind farm Druiberg. After a total of 20 kilometers covered Dardeshheim reach the city of "renewable energy".Continue straight ahead, arrived on a small bend, turn to the last house on the right. 300 meters further on you reach a well-developed cycle path to Zilly. For more detailed information please visit the website.

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Ehemaliges Rittergut mit angrenzendem Park/Former manor with adjacent park

The so-called "Mansion", a plastered timber-frame building of about 1780, can today, thanks to a change of ownership a few years ago to recognize the glory of the original aristocratic residence and later large farming estate. On the former farm buildings to the extent paid for by the new owners, renovations are done, or it will try first of all the extant, albeit desolate right to receive substance. From the former beauty of the surrounding park, well laid out too soon after 1780, with then and long afterwards, maintained roads, borders, and probably some caves secluded spot, is now hardly anything recognizable. He slept for a long time, probably starting with the task Gutsbetriebes, but particularly from 1990 onwards a blissful slumber. The new owner tried to stop the brutalization namely stop, up to a "Manor Park" is still a long way. If you still want him to pay a visit to discover whether one or another botanical treasure or other, but should even ask the owner for permission.

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Heimatmuseum Osterwieck/Museum Osterwieck

The museum in the old city hall from 1554 shows prehistoric finds, evidence of urban history (including magnificent wedding disc in 1480, door locks and knockers, fireplace-stove made ​​of Meissen tiles) and a shoemaker's shop and a small armory. It gives an insight into the history of Fachwerkbaues, which has remained in Osterwieck get rich. rarity: Exhibition of Easter Wiecker leather money from 1922/23..

Church of St. Stephen Dardesheim

The center is the church of St. Stephen Dardesheim. She was one of the first churches, which is the foundation of the bishopric of Halberstadt from an old Saxon paganism on the "butter mountain" ("Wodanshill") emerged. Already in 1128 a second church was dedicated. Today's new limestone in neo-Romanesque style church was inaugurated on 16.03.1862.

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The Halle–Halberstadt railway is a non-electrified main line in Saxony-Anhalt in central Germany. It is an important link between the conurbation of Halle (Saale) and the northern Harz Foreland. It was opened between 1862 and 1872 in several stages and is operated today by DB Netz.

Heiketalwarte on the Huy

The Heiketalwarte is a medieval watchtower and is located on the eastern edge of the Municipality Osterwieck. The legendary tower was renovated by private initiative and is open by appointment. The observation deck offers a magnificent panoramic view of the Harz and its foreland.

Pension Zum Kirchberg

The Hotel has a large terrace with parking available. Holiday apartments are available for booking. The family-run hotel is situated in a large garden with lots of greenery and can inspire a scenic location. The spacious terrace invites you to linger and relax.

Cafe Brennessel

This Cafe offers delicious cakes and freshly brewed coffee. Enjoy the tranquility of the beautifully decorated café, have a chat with friends, watch the flames in the fireplace or sit outside in the garden (if the weather is nice!) with a beer and pretzel roll.

Ralf Ballhausen

Carriage rides are offered by appointment on weekends .A wagon ride usually starts with 6 people and costs 25 €, incl, Per hour. There are no fixed hours but by appointment only. All participants are insured, regardless of the number of people participating

Burg Zilly/Castle Zilly

A beautiful historic Castle in Zilly which offers a lot of history to all of his visitors. Special guided tours are available on request. Tea and Cake is also available for all visitors. See the Website for more details or give them a call.

Fallsteinklause. Hotel and Restaurant

Open daily from 11:00. Daily freshly baked homemade cakes, coffee, ice-cream. Lots of good food to choose from! There is also a nice play area for children. This hotel has good parking facilities and is wheelchair friendly .

Tagungshaus Zur alten Tischlerei

This hotel also has a little cafe. They serve home baked cakes and coffee. The cafe opening times are: -Monday and Tuesday Closed. Wed - Sun 14:00 - 18.00 clock.


Wind farm Druiberg. Guided tours of the grounds, tours of the wind turbine or a trip on the Solar Trabi are available by appointment.Contact Mr. Rolf Waldeck.


This hotel has a rustic feel to it and provides good rooms and dining facilities. There is a good range of food which includes prok, game, steak, fish etc. .

Vieneburg Brunswick

The Vienenburg–Goslar railway is a main line between Vienenburg and Goslar on the northern edge of the Harz mountains in Germany. It was opened in 1866

Hotel-Restaurant Waldhaus

A hearty breakfast is included in the booking price! The restaurant offers German & International fare. Open from 11.30 - 21.00. Closed on Mondays.

Stephen Church Zilly

Stephen Church was built in 1838-1849 in the Classical style. Schinkel, the draft should at least have been present (as in Heudeber and Sargstedt).

Cafe im Grünen/ Cafe in the Green

This cafe has a wonderful garden surrounding it. So on a lovely hot sunny day you can sit out in the Garden and enjoy a lovely cream cake.

Hotel Brauner Hirsch

This hotel offers 24 romantic & comfortable rooms. 3 stars. Beautiful timber framed hotel offering beautiful comfortable rooms.

Bistro at Castle View/Bistro zum Schloßblick

This cafe has a lot of charater and a good selection of yummy cakes. Why not pop along and try one with a cup of coffee??

Julianes Imbiss/ June's Snacks

This takeaway establishment provides food such as, Burgers, pizza and Kebabs. So if you want a quick dinner pop long!

Schlosspark Schauen/Castle Park View

Sclosspark Schauen is located in the centre of Osterwieck. This beautiful park is worth a visit with all the family.

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Destsches Haus

For more information please contact Mr. and Mrs. Schuenemann, via the telephone number given above. .

Erols Grillstube

This Takeaway provides Kebab & Pizza's with lots of yummy falvours and toppings!!

Kaffee Mitte

Beautiful little cafe in Osterwieck with a great selection of goodies!


Asian restaurant in Osterwieck. Great food in a lovely restaurant.

Helga Isensee

Toy Shop. Great brands, great prices! Large selection at myToys..

Ingo Zander

Carriage rides are offered by appointment on weekends .

Braunschweig Airport (BWE)

(60 miles to Osterwieck) - total travel time - 45mins.

Erois Grillstube

Fast foos restaurant which serves pizza and kebab's.

Cafe/Tagungshaus Zur alten Tischlerei

great coffee, terrace and orchard. Home-baked cakes.


Good selection of food. Fast and friendly service!

Eik's Corner

Rustic Inn style Pub which serves good pub food.


Clothing Shop 'Low Prices, Huge selection'.

H. Koch Inh. C. Koch/FOSSIL®: Vintage

Clothing Shop. (Vintage Style!).

Am Busbahnhof

Cocktail bar in Osterwieck.


Restaurant with Kegelbahn.


Bar in Osterwieck.


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About Osterwieck

Osterwieck is a historic town in the Harz district, in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. It is situated on the river Ilse, north of Wernigerode and the Harz mountain range.

Population in Osterwieck = 4000 people (estimate)

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