Nosy Komba

Nosy Komba is a small island off the northwest coast of Madagascar, located a short boat ride south of Nosy Be.

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Black lemurs

Ampangorinana is the main village on the island, and it has long had a fady against hunting lemurs. As a result, the black lemurs whose territories are adjacent to the village have no fear of people, and the villagers now capitalize on this fact by charging a small fee for visitors to feed the lemurs bananas. For those looking for the "lemur on your shoulder" experience, this is the place. Ask anyone where to go, and you will be assigned a guide who will take you on a short walk up into the hills where the lemurs are hanging out. When the guide begins calling "maki maki maki" it will be a matter of seconds before the tiny creatures are bounding their way down from the trees towards the bananas that are on offer.

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Nosy Komba Lodge

This lodge offers two bungalows overlooking the ocean that are straight out of a tropical island fantasy. The owners are an extraordinarily pleasant French family who provide everything you need for an enjoyable trip - boat transfers are easily arranged, snorkel equipment is available for loan, and food and drinks are prepared exquisitely and whenever desired. The lodge works to support the local village, and one of the two co-owners is a doctor who works closely with the locals when he returns from his main job on Reunion Island.

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Tsanga Banga

Hotel / bed & breakfast.

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About Nosy Komba

Nosy Komba is a small volcanic island almost equidistant between Hell-Ville on the neighbouring island of Nosy Be and Ankify on the mainland. The beaches are clean and excellent for snorkelling. The island is known for its population of black lemurs.


Source: wikivoyage