Nordhausen is a 44 000 inhabitant town in Thuringia. It is situated within the greater Harz area.

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About Nordhausen

In Germany Nordhausen is a household name, mostly for the "Nordhäuser Doppelkorn" that has been produced here continuously since at least 1507, when the first mention of a tax on locally produced liquor was made. Korn or its higher alcohol variety Doppelkorn is a distilled spirit made from grain, usually rye.

Just out of town lies one of the most notorious concentration camps on German soil from World War II. Mittelbau-Dora is the site where forced laborers had to produce V2 rockets that were later fired on London, Antwerp and other cities throughout the Western front in the waning months of the war. Despite the deadliness of the weapon itself, conditions in the forced labor camps were so horrific that actually more people died producing V2 than through its actual use.


Source: wikivoyage