Noida, an abbreviation of New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, is a suburban city of Delhi just across the state line in Uttar Pradesh.

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Punjabi by Nature

P-19, Sector 18 (''Atta Market''). The local outlet of the exuberantly hip Punjabi chain, serving up tandoori lobster and vodka golgappas next to crazy decor that's half ''dhaba'', half crystal chandeliers and indoor waterfalls. While there's a premium to pay for the surroundings, the food is solid and the ''makki ki roti'' with ''sarson ka saag'' is worth the price tag. ₹500, more if you sample the booze or seafood.

EAT   —  +91-120-4250111 —  Map

Mosaic Hotel

Sector 18. Formerly the Shipra Hotel, but after a 2006 renovation is now a "business boutique" hotel with the appearance of a hip nightclub (indeed, ''Flluid'' is in the basement) and the price of a big-city Indian business hotel. Rooms are modern and comfortable, service is friendly and efficient, but wireless Internet is expensive and patchy. From US$200 up.

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Stupa 18 Gallery

An art gallery, where you can see and buy art pieces by various new as well as established talented artists. Open to public, this gallery has interesting exhibitions every month. Art lovers would love to be there.

Great India Place

Next to Sector-18, Noida. ''BIG CINEMAS'' cineplex, slick (and pricy) ''Spoon'' food court on the 3rd floor, Big Bazaar department store, somewhat forlorn amusement part outside.

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Oldest hotel of Noida. Possibly 3-star. Good fast food joint, pastry shop, bakery, Tea/Coffee Lounge, Bar.

SLEEP   —  Sec 2


offers quite good range of cocktails. On the food side , good Lebanese options

Radisson Noida

Noida's first but no longer only branded hotel. Weekday rates from US$400 up.

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i'lario ITALIAN coffee bar & bakery

G-34, Sector-18. URL:. Italian Restaurant, Coffee Bar & Bakery,

EAT   —  +91 120 421-5666 —  Map


arguably one of the best nightclubs in Delhi-NCR.

DRINK   —  centerstage mall

Park Plaza

C Block, Sec-55, tel. +.

SLEEP   —  +91 -12-04678888 —  Map

About Noida

Just across the Yamuna River from Delhi, this is Uttar Pradesh's most modern city and a popular location for businesses looking to escape Delhi's congestion and steep rents. NOIDA boasts of the best roads in NCR,with excellent street lighting and cat-eyes which ensures maximum visibility during nights.It makes the whole driving experience a pleasure. Now with NOIDA Metro i.e. an extension to Delhi Metro, you can reach from Delhi to NOIDA in no time.

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