Niijima (新島) is a fairly small island (24 km²) and one of the Izu Islands. It is administered as part of Tokyo, but it is about 160km south of the city.

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Niijima Store

A supermarket with a sheltered parking area.

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About Niijima

Niijima is generally a sleepy island perfect for a relaxing holiday, but during summer holidays it does atract large crowds. Still, even when busy, there are generally enough secluded beaches to find a quiet spot. Beyond simply relaxing on the beach, Niijima is most known for its surfing. The geography is such that a fairly good wave can generally be easy to find, and it is often possible to have a beach nearly, if not totally, to one's self. In addition to surfing, there are many free outdoor hot springs that are a popular way to relax.


Source: wikivoyage