Naumburg is in Southern Saxony-Anhalt. Germany is going to apply at the UNESCO to add the Naumburg Cathedral and "the medieval dominion on Saale and Unstrut" to the list of cultural heritages.

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About Naumburg

Naumburg used to be a historical centre with its cathedral, old city and the proximity to the old '''Via Regia''', and the several castles around, e.g. Neuenburg and Rudelsburg. Later on in the 20th century, it hosted a large number of soldiers in its garrison. After reunification, the population declined from 50,000 to below 35,000 inhabitants. Nowadays, tourism is receiving more focus in the area. Naumburg is the vine area of '''Saale-Unstrut''', the smallest vine area of Germany. However, Naumburg is not a university city, so don't expect too many people to speak English.


Source: wikivoyage