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Penzion LUDMILA in Dubňany

Located across the street from the restaurant 'U chytilů' (and owned by the same family), a two person room here runs from 700kč per night. The penzion is in '''Dubňany''' on the road to '''Mutěnice'''. The family that owns this penzion also operates a separate penzion near the '''Milotice''' cellars. This second penzion (in '''Milotice''' is actually a part of one of the company's smaller wine producing operations. It is possible for the family to arrange parties there with live music or just take a tour of the cellar and the surrounding region. Several people in the company speak English.

Camping in Dubňany

If from '''Dubňany''' you walk on the road towards '''Milotice''', about 500 m (1640 feet) outside of the town you will come to a small dirt road lined on both sides by trees. Follow this road and another 500 m (1640 feet) you will find a large well decorated iron gate. This is the entrance to the '''Dubňany''' campsite. It is well maintained, not expensive and has good facilities. Since you have walked all of this way, you are also within a half kilometer of the '''Milotice''' cellars as well as the majority of the local population's vineyards.

Penzion San Marco in Mutěnice

This family actually runs two penzions, one on the main road to Brno in '''Mutěnice''' at number 727 and the other located on 'Vinařská 715' very near to the wine cellars in '''Mutěnice'''. You will want to make reservations well in advance as it says on their website they want 20 days advanced notice with a deposit, although you may want to just contact them and find out if they have anything free several days ahead of time. The owner of the establishment speaks English. They also rent bikes.

About Mutěnice Wine Region


Mutěnice - Mootyenitse (as in a cow goes mooo)<br> Dubňany - Doobnyanee<br> Ratíškovice - Ratishkovitse<br> Milotice - Milotitse<br>

The region is renowned throughout the Czech Republic for its production of wine frequently taking the top prizes in the country's wine competitions. Several of the country's important wine 'companies' are based in the region but mostly the land is owned by locals who just enjoy producing wine as a hobby. The area outside the four main towns is dotted with small settlements composed entirely of wine cellars that locals use as a weekend getaway to relax and work in their private vineyards. Needless to say, the locals are more than enthusiastic to share the fruits of their hard labor with just about every passing individual.

Although the wine industry is flourishing, almost no other section of the economy around Mutěnice is growing. In addition to being fertile land for wine, there was a lot of mining activity under communism, all of which came to a grinding halt during privatization. This has the left the region with an unemployment rate of almost 20%. Don't let this dissuade you from visiting though, other than some distant decaying factories visible far off on the horizon, as a visitor you'd never know the region is undergoing an economic crisis of sorts.

The region is far off the beaten tourist trail running through Prague so be prepared to practice a bit of your Czech, or at least use your phrasebook. You most likely will only encounter Czech tourists during your visit, foreign tourists are practically unknown.