Munich Airport

Munich's Franz Josef Strauß Airport () (German: Flughafen München Franz Josef Strauß) is the primary international airport serving Munich. It is the second busiest airport in Germany, and is a major hub for Lufthansa.

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About Munich Airport

The current airport and its out of the way location are a result of growing air traffic and a need to replace the old airport. For most of the 20th century, Munich's airport was in the district of ''Riem'', which was a lot closer to the city centre than the current airport. However, in 1992 the airport was moved to its current location to meet the demand for more capacity and more modern facilities. The Riem site was converted into a residential area, a park and numerous other uses. Munich's trade fair also moved there. The airport has continued to expand and now offers flights to most airports in Germany and Europe, as well as many intercontinental destinations. The airport is named after a longtime conservative (CSU) Bavarian politician, who was a member of the ''Bundestag'' from 1949, minister in several governments, candidate for chancellor in 1980 and prime minister of Bavaria during the last years of his life. He died in office in 1988. While he is revered by conservative Bavarians, he remains a controversial figure for non-conservative Bavarians and for those outside of Bavaria. Currently three terminals are in use: terminal 1, terminal 2 and newly built satellite terminal (which can only be exited via terminal 2). Most of the airport's facilities, including terminal 1 and terminal 2, are between the two runways.


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