Mikindani is a town in Pembwe and the Southeast, Tanzania.

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eco2 diving, marine research and education centre

eco2 is the first diving and marine research centre in south-east Tanzania. Based in Mikindani town, we provide low-impact, eco-aware scuba diving and dive safaris and promote marine environmental education through applied research. Mikindani and Mnazi Bays are the locations for some of the most spectacular, undiscovered diving in East Africa. Here the Southern Equatorial Current meets the African coast creating a unique ecosystem with a wealth of marine life from across the Indian Ocean. This phenomenon means the area is now recognized as the centre of biological diversity for the East African Coast and over 258 species of coral have been identified - more than anywhere else on the East African Coast.

Ten Degrees South

Ten Degrees South is a small guesthouse, bar and restaurant with accommodation. It's a travelers hang out with a pleasant bar and a nice atmosphere.

The Old Boma Hotel

The old German fort has been renovated into a boutique hotel

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About Mikindani

For a long time Mikindani was the major town in the region, however in the 1940s nearby Mtwara was made the regional capital due to its larger natural harbour. Since then Mikindani has been left to pursue the quiet, slow-paced life of a fishing village, albeit a larger than average fishing village.


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