Overtown is a historically African-American neighborhood located just north of downtown Miami and is considered part of Miami's Central District. It is also Miami’s poorest neighborhood.

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Lyric Theater

Built by Geder Walker, this theater was opened in 1913 and was a major African-American entertainment destination until the 1960s. Performers from Count Basie to BB King to Aretha Franklin have performed there. Do not enter, this place is gated off and is does not function as a theater any longer.

D.A. Dorsey House

Home of the first African-American millionaire in Miami. It is a private home, so don't expect to get a tour of the place.

Old Black Police Precinct

Used from 1950 to 1962, when the Precinct was finally integrated with the main police station.

Folklife Friday's Festival

About Miami/Overtown

In its heyday, Overtown had several theatres, nightclubs, schools and other facilities that African-Americans could use without infringing on territory intended only for white people. Famous African-Americans such as Josephine Baker, Zora Neale Hurston and W.E.B. DuBois stayed in Overtown before desegregation in the American South.

When Jim Crow laws were overturned, several African-Americans moved out of Overtown and moved to other locales in Miami; this began Overtown's slow decline. Demolished buildings in the 1970s and incidents that disturbed the neighborhood in the 1980s made Overtown fall further into disrepair. Today developers are trying to create new housing and businesses in the area to get middle-class residents to come to the area; this is called the Overtown Renaissance.


Source: wikivoyage