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Wynn Macau

On 6 September 2006 Wynn's huge casino/hotel/resort complex opened, and many expect it to soon surpass all of its rivals in gambling income. At night there are short fountain shows in front of the hotel with music, spraying fountains and the occasional bursts of flame. The casino is beautiful with mostly slot machines and baccarat tables. The Wynn offers lots of very upscale shopping and several fine restaurants.

Mandarin House

The Macau Mandarin House is the former residence owned by eminent modern Chinese thinker Zheng Guanying and his father Zheng Wenrui. The house was built in around 1881 and over time, many families occupied the complex. It covers an area of about 4,000 sq metres and is a traditional Chinese-style compound containing a number of buildings

Hotel Ritz

Rua do Comendador Kou Ho Neng. Situated amidst the breath-taking Penha Hill overlooking the panoramic view of Praia Grande Bay and Macau-Taipa Bridge, Hotel Ritz occupies the best location in Macau. It is next door to the popular spot Penha Church, and within short distance from A-Ma Temple as well as the city centre.

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Pousada de São Tiago

Avenida da Republica, Fortaleza de Sao Tiago da Barra. This is the hotel with the most character in Macau. Still fairly small (although there are plans to expand) and very good personal service. Great for a special, romantic stay.

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Augusters Lodge

Priced at $120 for a dorm bed and from $260 for a double room, it's probably the cheapest place to stay in Macau, but you only get the basic amenities. It is in the center though, and a nice place to meet other backpackers.

Sanva Hotel

Macau's oldest guesthouse is cleap, clean and near the historic sites. It's been used as the set of many movies, including Wong Kar Wai's ''2046''. Rooms have fan only and shared bathrooms. Popular with backpackers.

Porto Exterior

Bustling, unpretentious restaurant with reasonably authentic and tasty Portuguese and Macanese fare. Try the ''arroz de cabidela'' (MOP 78) and wash it down with a glass of the house wine (MOP 35).

Hotel Royal

2-4, Estrada da Vitoria. Located at the foot of the historic Guia Light House and facing the Vasco da Gama Park. Nearby business district and tourist attractions are within walking distance.

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Casino Lisboa

The Lisboa offers an older world Macau feel on its gaming floors, structured in a labyrinth of different clubs and rooms for various levels of play. Tables play in both MOP and HKD.

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Holiday Inn

82-86, Rua de Pequim. An older hotel with some renovated rooms and some dingy throwbacks into the 1980s. Easy walking distance to Casino Lisboa, free shuttle bus to ferry terminal.

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Fuhng Sihng Hin

A very small restaurant serving tasty Chinese vegetarian food for little money. Free tea with any purchase. A three-minute walk from the Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral. 30-60 MOP

Sands Macau

The Sands offers a more open Las Vegas feel along with a smoke-free gaming room, the Pearl Room. Tables at the Sands play almost exclusivly in HKD.

East Asia Hotel

Rua da Madeira, no. 1A. Located within 10 minutes walk from Pier No. 14 in central Macau and in close proximity to most tourist attractions.

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Sing Hoi

Serves mostly Chinese food but has a handful of Portuguese dishes on offer. The Portuguese baked chicken ($40) is delicious.


Rua cidade de sintra, NAPE, Macaus newest luxury edition. Gaming, entertainment, dining and spa.

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Best Western Sun Sun

Praça de Ponte e Horta, no. 14-16. Old, beaten up, and overpriced for what you get.

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Casa Real Hotel

International Centre, Avenida do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, no. 1118.

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Hotel Jai Alai

Av. da Amizade Palácio da Pelota Basca.

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Avenida da Amizade, Edf. Casino Sands.

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Hotel Beverly Plaza

70, Avenida do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues.

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Fu Hua Guangdong Hotel Macau

98-102, Rua Francisco Xavier Pereira.

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Metropark Hotel Macau

199, Rua de Pequim, Outer Harbour.

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Hotel Nam Tin

Travessa da Praia Grande, no. 4.

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Ole London Hotel

Praça de Ponte e Horta, no. 4-6.

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Kingsway Hotel

230, Rua de Luis Gonzaga Gomes.

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Hotel Holiday

Estrada do Repouso, no. 36-38.

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Hou Kong Hotel

Travessa das Virtudes, no. 1.

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Waldo Hotel

Quarteirão 6, Lote J - Zape.

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Hotel Guia

1-5, Estrada do Eng. Trigo,

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Hotel Mondial

8-10, Rua de Antonio Basto.

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Man Va

Rua da Caldeira, no. 32-34.

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Hotel Kou Va

Rua da Felicidade, no. 71.

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Victoria Hotel

Estrada do Arco, no. 118.

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Hotel Lisboa

2-4, Avenida de Lisboa.

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The Landmark

555 Avenida da Amizade.

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Hotel Golden Dragon

Quarteirão 3, Zape.

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Hotel Presidente

Avenida da Amizade.

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Rio Hotel

Quarteirão 9, ZAPE.

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Hotel Fortuna

63, Rua de Cantao.

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Emperor Hotel

51 Rua de Xangai.

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Hotel Sintra

Av. D. Joao IV.

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