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Blasheimer Markt

Annual fair happening on the weekend of the first friday in september, from thursday to sunday. Attracts crowds of more than 300.000 visitors, making it one of the largest fairs in the area. Its trademark feature is a 48m tall ferris wheel, but it also offers a large amount of other attractions. From the city center of Lübbecke one can reach it most conveneniently via bus starting at the central bus station ('ZOB'). Parking spots close to the fair can be scarce and/or expensive, parking in the nearby residential area without a proof of residence may result in a fine or worse. Note that pickpocketing may be an occurence as it can get very crowded at some parts of the fair.

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Cafe Janke

Good location in the pedestrianised high street of Lübbecke. Delicious cakes and good coffee; great place to relax outside in sunny weather and watch the world go by.


Walk up to the observation tower on the ridge.

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Hotel Borchard

With restaurant and skittle/bowling alley

SLEEP   —  +49 5741 319830 —  Langekamp 26

Gehrmker Hius

a 200-year old timber-framed farmhouse.

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The Rose

Bed and breakfast

SLEEP   —  +49 5741 2333344 —  Wilhelmspl. 1

Renkhausen Manor House

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About Lübbecke

Lübbecke lies in the southwestern part of the district of Minden-Lübbecke and in the western part of the region of Minden Land. Most of the town itself lies on the lowlands of the North German Plain, but its southern quarters stretch up the northern hillside of the ridge known as the Wiehen Hills. Apart from the ridge and the main town, most of the borough is flat and rural in character. Its northern boundary is the Midland Canal (''Mittelland Canal''), whilst its southern boundary is the crest of the Wiehen Hills. To the northeast of the town is ''Großes Torfmoor'', the largest moor in Westphalia. The highest hill in Lübbecke's territory is the ''Heidbrink'' (320 m) on the Wiehen ridge. However the slightly lower ''Wurzelbrink'' to the north is probably better known as it is crowned by a small stone observation tower, the ''Wartburg'', that is the turning point of the annual 14 kilometre race of the same name that starts and ends in Lübbecke.