Kumanovo is city with about 105,000 people located in the northern part of Eastern Macedonia. Located in the middle of a long valley 35 km to the northeast of Skopje, Kumanovo is one of Macedonia’s larger cities.

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An important megalithic observatory site discovered in 2001 by archeologist Jovica Stankovski. It is believed that represents an astronomical observatory and a ceremonial place. The site is approximately 3800 years old.Kokino consists of two parts. It includes special stone markers used to track the movement of Sun and Moon on the eastern horizon. The observatory used a method of stationary observation, marking positions of the Sun at the winter and summer solstice, as well as the equinox.The importance of the site, detailed by physicist Gjore Cenev, was confirmed by the U.S. space agency NASA. It appears fourth on the list of old observatories compliled by NASA.

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Biba Ethno Shop

You can buy '''souvenirs''' at here. Also some postcards and smaller souvenirs are available at the small multi-product shops and libraries in town

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Green market

Here you can find cheap fake brands sold. Get your fake D&G glasses for €5 and experience the sparkling life of the famous.

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Irish Pub THE HARP

100% Irish owned, the only authentic Irish Pub in Macedonia. Music Type: International. You can also eat there.

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Eski Mosque

- the oldest object with public function in Kumanovo, built in 1751.

SEE   —  11th of October

Hotel Mimoza

- One of the most exclusive accommodation facilities in town.

SLEEP   —  Nikshichka

Kumanovo train station

Located on the railway line Belgrade - Thessaloniki

OTHER   —  Zheleznichka road

Fra Giorgo restaurant

elite service and fantastic ambient

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Hotel Hills

- calm and welcoming

SLEEP   —  Strasho Pindjur, 2-50

Hotel Kuba

At Kumanovo Bath

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Hotel Satelit

calm place

SLEEP   —  +389 31 475999 —  Ulica 100 1

Bus Station

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About Kumanovo

Kumanovo today is a modernizing town, where new offices, houses and restaurants are constantly being built. It is well-outfitted with sports grounds, theatres, internet cafes and eateries, and is especially famous throughout the country for its nightlife.

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