Kuchesar is a village in Uttar Pradesh.

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Rao Raj Vilas

A heritage resort, formed by restoring a section of Mr. Ajit Singh's ancestral property. The Kuchesar Fort was brought into the Singh family’s possession in the eighteenth century when the Mughal King Najib-ud-Daula bestowed the Jat family with the title of Rao Bhahadur and the Jagir of Kuchesar that comprised of three hundred and sixty five villages - one for each day of the year. Thereafter, structures were added to the fort which reveals different architectural influences. The family currently resides in a part that houses the erstwhile reception and dining halls built in the colonial style. The section that has been made into the hotel bears influence of Mughal architecture. Its rooms enclose a square courtyard and have balconies with arches and lattice edges that are quintessentially Mughal in style. The resort currently offers 10 rooms, divided into two King Suites,three Queen Suites and five Prince Suites. Recreational facilities include a swimming pool, badminton court, table tennis room, billiards room, participation in evening prayers at temples, picnics in sugarcane fields and mango groves, boating in the Ganges, etc.


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