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Ilinden Monument

This very unique structure looks like something out of Star Wars. It opened in 1974 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Second Session of the Anti-fascist Assembly for the National Liberation of Macedonia and the 71st anniversary of Ilinden Uprising. It is a sphere shaped structure with several outstretched windows, some of which have stained glass. The inside contains historical pieces as well as the remains of Nikola Karev, president of the Kruševo Republic. It shouldn't take more than 20 minutes to see everything inside.

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Nikola Martinovski Gallery

Nikola Martinovski (1903-1973), one of the most important Macedonian contemporary painters, was born in Kruševo and donated 62 paintings to the town which are now exhibited in his birth house. The house itself is excellent example of Kruševo architecture and is worth exploring. A small ethnological museum has also been set up inside the house. Visiting the gallery gives you a chance to admire not just Martinovski's works, but also the beauty of Kruševo homes.

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Toše Proeski Memorial House

Toše Proeski was a singer-songwriter popular across several countries, dubbed the "Elvis of the Balkans". Raised in Kruševo, he was a humanitarian and had also been helping construct the Transfiguration Monastery near Kruševo. He died tragically in a car accident in 2007 at the age of 26. The memorial house is located near the Ilinden Monument and is in the shape of a cross with modern architecture. Over 350 pieces are on display.

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Church of St Nicholas

This church was built in 1905 on the site of an earlier church that was burned following the Ilinden Uprising. It is the cathedral of the town and it is situated in the old bazaar. The mostly white church has a tall central portion. The oldest frescoes on the interior date from 1884. It sits just east of the main road on Šula Mina Street.

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Church of the Assumption

This church was built of stone in 1867 and its frescoes were done in 1870. It suffered some damage during the Ilinden Uprising but was repaired. The roof slopes downward from the middle, where there is a dome. It also has an attached black bell tower which, along with the dome, makes up a defining feature of the town skyline.

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Vila La Kola

It offers: Double studios (equipped with cable TV, bathroom, terrace and mini bar) , quadruple bed apartments and five beds apartments (equipped with cable TV, DVD, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and terrace), free Wi-Fi , Common room, 24/7 available service and video surveillance.

Kruševo Cemetery

Situated in the upper part of town near the Ilinden Monument and the Toše Proeski Memorial House, Kruševo's cemetery contains the final resting places of notable individuals. The two best-known are Pitu Guli, a revolutionary killed in the Ilinden Uprising, and Toše Proeski.

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Vršnik Cross

North of town, this 10 m (33 ft) tall cross stands at a high elevation providing amazing 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The cross is illuminated at night and was constructed as part of the nearby Monastery of the Transfiguration, listed below.

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Museum of the Ilinden Uprising

This museum chronicles the uprising for which Kruševo is famous. It is located within an old house in which the Kruševo Republic was proclaimed. Through photographs, documents, maps, and weapons, the period before, during, and after the Ilinden Uprising is explained.

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Monastery of the Transfiguartion

This monastery, still undergoing some construction, was built was the help of Kruševo-native Toše Proeski. The monastery has one church, dedicated to the Transfiguration, which has a tall bell tower over the entrance. It sits north of the city, off the main road.

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Church of St John

Construction on this church began in 1897 and was finished in 1904. The interior contains a large wooden iconostasis as well as frescoes and icons brought from an older church from 1627. It has two towers over the entrance and another dome over the centre.

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Mečkin Kamen

South of the town, near the paragliding site, a monument stands on the hill where revolutionary and Kruševo-native Pitu Guli was killed during the Battle of Mečkin Kamen. The monument is a large statue of a man holding a rock above his head.

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Casa La Kola

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Kruševo Hang Gliding & Paragliding

The site sits just off the main road south of town, towards Mečkin Kamen. There are posters all over town providing information about this. Paragliders and hang gliders can be seen floating above the town daily in summertime.

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Hotel Montana Palace

The only four star hotel in Krusevo, with excellent restaurant. The view of Krusevo is breathtaking. Prices are lower than you might expect for such a hotel. There are directions to this hotel from most places in town.

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Kruševo Lake

This artificial reservoir is situated just northwest of the Ilinden Monument. Fishing is permitted year-round, except in June. It is also a good place to simply unwind.

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'''ШАПЕ''' restaurant

If you would like to eat roast meat (skara), this restaurant is so good that some people say you haven't been to Krusevo unless you have eaten here.

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Church of the Holy Trinity

This church was built in 1881 in the outskirts of the town in the Gypsy neighbourhood. It saw some damage in the Ilinden Uprising but was repaired.

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Museum of National Liberation War

East of the Ilinden Monument, this museum opened in 1988 and is dedicated to partisan leaders of Vardar Macedonia during World War II.

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Ski Centar SKAUT Krusevo

Official website of Ski Resort SKAUT in Krusevo - Macedonia.

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Reasonable accommodation in Krusevo - Macedonia

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Bus Station

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Souvenir shop

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About Kruševo

Kruševo is known for, more or less, four things. One is being situated at a high elevation. This usually makes it a colder place to be than elsewhere in Macedonia and also makes it a great place for winter sports like skiing. It is also known for being the site of one of the first republics in the Balkans following the Ilinden Uprising. Multiple museums in the town are devoted to this history. Kruševo is also known for its architecture, the result of the building skills of Vlachs and Mijaks. More recently, Kruševo is known for being the hometown of legendary musician Toše Proeski.