Kristiansund is a city and municipality on the mid-western coast of Norway, located in Møre og Romsdal county. It is arguably the city with the most special and interesting architecture of Norway, which originates from the aftermath of World War II, when nearly 80% of the city was demolished by bombs.

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Kristiansund Opera House

Is the oldest opera house in Norway, completed in 1914. The opera, arguably one of the most beautiful of its kind is built in Art Nouveau-style, and is one of the few buildings that survived the bombings of the city during World War Two.

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Thon Hotel Innlandet

Is a hotel under construction on the isle of "Innlandet" in Kristiansund. The hotel is being built in one of the old and characteristic harbour houses in the city, giving the guests an unique atmospheric experience.

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Is an old city part of Kristiansund with very special and unique coastal architecture. Innlandet is the part of Kristiansund who was least destroyed during the bombings of Kristiansund during World War Two.

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Quality Hotel Grand

Is the oldest, and one of the most exclusive hotels of Kristiansund. Located right in the centre core of the city, the hotel offers walking distance to nearly everything Kristiansund has to offer.

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In Kristiansund holds status as the world's oldest public transport system in continuous operation, since 1876. The small "Sundbåt" passenger ferries crosses between the four islands of the city.

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Rica Hotel Kristiansund

Is a modern, sea-front hotel in the city centre of Kristiansund. The hotel holds status as the largest of Kristiansund, offering great value and service.

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Was originally the site of the city's water reserves, but is today a popular recreation and park area near the city centre.

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Utsyn Café og Gjestehus

Is a guesthouse located on the second floor of the Utsyn Cafeteria, right next to the central square of Kristiansund.

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Comfort Hotel Fosna

Is a medium-sized hotel located in the city centre of Kristiansund, with walking distance to the harbour.

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Hotel Kristiansund

Is a hotel situated at the sea front of Kristiansund, close to Kristiansunds largest shopping mall.

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Havna Gjestehus

Is a small guesthouse that offers cheap accommodation in the city centre of Kristiansund.

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Atlanten Motell og Camping

Is a small motel and camping-area, located 3 km outside the city of Kristiansund.

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See the city from the water. Take the Sundbåten ferry around the harbour.

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Astoria Hotel

Is a small hotel, situated close to the city harbour.

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Unrivalled spot for your sunset beer in summer.

Sjøstjerna Fiskerestaurant

Fish restaurant, with clipfish as a specialty.

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