Kratovo (Macedonian: Кратово) is a town of just under 7,000 residents located in northeastern Macedonia. It is situated on the western slopes of Mount Osogovo inside the crater of an extinguished volcano.

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Church of St John the Baptist

The current church exists on the place of an older one that was burned down in 1689 during an uprising. Much of the valuable religious items were saved prior to the church's destruction. The church was rebuilt in 1836 under the design of Andrej Damjanov and its iconostasis was made of walnut and golden leaf. The church is made of stone, has a portico, and a pitched roof with a cupola.

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Clock Tower

One of the six remaining towers of the Middle Ages and Ottoman period. Built in 1372, it is divided into three floors. The uppermost was used as a home for the local Turkish beys (lords). The tower, now held by the Kratovo City Museum, is open to the public and contains exhibits. The terrace at the top is also open to visitors, providing views of the town and its surroundings.

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Walk the quay

A stretch of the riverside walkways in central Kratovo has been renovated, creating a lovely promenade from Hotel Kratis to the Jokširski Bridge. It provides a different vantage point to see the town's old homes and bridges, as well as the greenery along the river.

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Bus Station

Kratovo's bus station is located in the western end of town, where St George of Kratovo Street splits off from highway R1205. There are daily bus connections between Kumanovo, Skopje, and Štip. This is the cheapest method of getting into town.

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Church of St George of Kratovo

Built in 1925, this church is dedicated to St George of Kratovo who was burned at the stake in 1514 for not accepting Islam as his religion. It has one cupola over the entrance.

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Radin Bridge

This bridge is newer than the other five, having been built in 1833 by Skopje nobleman Havzi Pasha. It crosses one the Kratovo River's tributaries in the southern end of town.

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Grofčanski Bridge

The westernmost of the medieval bridges, the Grofčanski Bridge has two arches, under one of which the river runs. The bridge was built in the early 1700s.

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Čaršiski Bridge

Located between the Grofčanski and Jokširski bridges, the Čaršiski Bridge has a rounded arch unlike the two neighbouring it which have pointed arches.

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Zlatko's Tower

Built in 1365, the tower is named after its last owner Georgi Zlatkov. The rectangular tower with three floors stands 6 m (20 ft) tall.

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Hotel Kratis

The only hotel in Kratovo. It is located at the confluence of two tributaries into the Kratovo River. It has a restaurant and bar.

Argulički Bridge

Crossing a tributary of the Kratovo River in southern Kratovo, this stone bridge consists of a single rounded arch.

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Srez Tower

Located just west of Krste's Tower, the Srez Tower is in rougher shape than its neighbour and could use a new roof.

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Gostilnica Kaj Spiro

This restaurant, which means "the guesthouse at Spiro's", sometimes has live music. Located in the City Park.

Krste's Tower

This square tower is in very good condition. On the entrance side, it has four windows and two balconies.

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Simikj's Tower

This tower is located north of the Kratovo River and stands 13 m (42 ft) high and 6 m (20 ft) wide.

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Jokširski Bridge

The stone single-arch bridge connects the tannery neighborhood to the Sultan Murat neighborhood.

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Kratovo City Stadium

With a capacity of 1,800, it is home to FK Sileks of the First Football League.

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City Park

Kratovo's main park, on the south side of St George of Kratovo Street.

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Kratovo City Museum

Founded in 1993 within a historic Ottoman-era home.

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Persydo Bar & Lounge

(Not the same place as Persydo Cafe)

Gornoamamski Bridge

The easternmost of the bridges.

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Traditional cuisine.

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About Kratovo

By Macedonian standards, Kratovo is not a major destination for tourists. By European standards, Kratovo is as far off the beaten path as you can get. But rest assured, if you venture out to this corner of the Balkans, you will find more history and character packed into Kratovo than other towns many times its size.

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