Krasnodar Krai

Krasnodar Krai is a region in Southern Russia, bordering Crimea to the west (across the narrow Strait of Kerch), Rostov Oblast to the north, Stavropol Krai to the east, and Georgia and Karachay-Cherkessia to the south. Krasnodar Krai offers travelers Russia's premiere beach resorts as well as some of Europe's tallest mountains in its Caucasian south.

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Krasnodar tea (Краснодарский чай)

This is the only tea sort grown in Russia, being the northernmost one in the world (due to climate conditions, it's impossible to cultivate tea to the north from Sochi). There are several tea plantations in Greater Sochi in Dagomys, Solokhaul [29] (Lazarevskoe district) and Adler. The amount of their production is limited, so it's not easy to meet it outside the region. ''Baloven (Баловень)'' tea brand by Dagomys Tea Plant is available at regional shops. Group tours to tea plants are also available.

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This alcohol drink is called Cognac (Коньяк) at Russian domestic market, but is exported as Brandy due to necessity to follow the copyright of Cognac province of France. Together with Dagestan and Stavropol Krai, Krasnodar Krai is among 3 regions of Russia, those grape is acceptable for brandy production. The factory in Temryuk town located near Taman makes the best brandy in Krasnodar Krai, including the aged and souvenir collection.

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Local alcohol

Surpisingly, Russia is the 11th-largest wine producer in the world, and 60% of all Russian wine is manufactured in Krasnodar Krai. So, there is possible to buy many kinds of this drink, starting from home-made and market-sold wine in no-brand plastic bottles (looks dangerous, but is spoken to be the best one), finishing with premium-class aged wine and brandy in souvenir boxes. To avoid fake brand production buy it at chain stores.

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Abkhazian wines

There are several brands of wine from Abkhazia those are widely common in Russian shops and popular for their inimitative taste. ''Apsny (Апсны)'' - red semi-sweet wine from the mix of Cabernet, Sovignon, Merlot and Saperavi grape. ''Chegem (Чегем)'' - red dry wine from Cabernet grape. ''Lykhny (Лыхны)'' - red semi-sweet wine from Isabella grape. ''Psou (Псоу'') - white semi-sweet wine from Aligote and Riesling grape.

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Abrau Durso sparkling wines

Abrau Durso (plant located near Novorossiysk) is the leading and the best-known Russian producer of a wide array of sparkling wines, from odious "Soviet Shampagne" to the exclusive ''Imperial'' and ''Millesime'' wine collections. The production technology is based on traditional shampagnoise method. ''Abrau Durso (Абрау-Дюрсо)'' wine is distributed to all Russian regions and exported.

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Brand wines of Krasnodar Krai

The best wine brands in the region are ''Fanagoria (Фанагория)'' [] and ''Myskhako (Мысхако)'', both produced in Novorossiysk area and having the wide assortment.

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About Krasnodar Krai

Krasnodar Krai has the most fortunate climate conditions in Russia. Reasonably, it attracts many people to live there: with over 5 million population it has the 3rd place in Russia after Moscow and Moscow Oblast. The region is famous as "Granary of Russia": its agricultural production is feeding the whole country and being exported.

Krasnodar Krai also contains Russia's largest tourist industry by some measure, catering principally to domestic tourists. The region contains a full 25% of all Russia's registered hotels and resorts. For international travelers, the biggest reasons to visit it are to see the stunning and lush slopes of Western Caucasus mountains and to party po-russky at the beach! Anyone visiting a seaside resort should consider reading Bunin's Sunstroke (Солнечный удар), one of the most beautiful short stories ever written.

Krasnodar Krai encompasses two major distinct climactic regions. The northern two thirds of the region (north of the Kuban River) is covered by Russia's near ubiquitous steppe and has a continental climate. The southern part of the region, however, is much more exotic, ranging from a Mediterranean climate along the Black Sea coast to subtropical in the southeast to high alpine along the border with Georgia and Abkhazia.

Additionally, Krasnodar Krai encircles the enclaved Russian region of Adygea Republic — named for the mountain Adyghe people, also known as the Circassians.

Krasnodar Krai can be divided in three tourist regions:


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