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GeoPark Harz. Braunschweiger Land. Ostfalen - Teilgebiet Braunschweiger Land

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About Königslutter

The city Königslutter developed from the village of Lutter, 1150 was the first witness, but certainly much older. Built around 1200, the Duke of Brunswick, just east of the town, a water castle in whose protection Königslutter evolved with the market town, which was awarded its town charter in 1400. The flourishing of the city has resulted mainly in the brewing activities Königslutter. 73 breweries were entitled to the Duckstein beer, a delicious wheat beer to brew, which was even exported to the Netherlands. The best Duckstein beer arrived at the royal courts. Was very much appreciated the Duckstein beer at the court of Friedrich Wilhelm I. Until 1924, besides Königslutter were still the independent villages of Upper Lutter Lutter and pen, which were incorporated in the same year in the city. Another significant enhancement learned Königslutter 1974, were incorporated as 17 districts, so that the population rose to over 16,000.