Koganei ( Koganei-shi) is a city in western Tokyo.

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Ramen Jiro Musashikoganei

Jiro is a kind of ramen that some people feel qualifies as its own food group. Expect the bowl to be piled amazingly high with bean sprouts and pork. For flavor, garlic is applied with seemingly reckless abandon. Because the toppings sit above the warm broth, proper eating technique involves moving them around on your bowl so you can access the noodles and broth below. Be aware that the regular size bowl here is gigantic. Walking to the station after eating it could prove difficult. When you arrive, purchase your ticket from the machine and sit in line along the back wall until a chair opens up.

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Koganei Park

This is a very large park with many different attractions. There are fields for throwing frisbees, barbeque pits for rent, free outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, baseball fields, large open areas for picnicing, and other such park-like attractions. The park is popular whenever the weather is good. It's also a good spot in February for plum blossom viewing and March for cherry blossom viewing.

Patisserie Dounel

This bakery does a wide range of things: croissants, cakes, Japanese sweet biscuits, and finely detailed chocolate. There are a few tables for seating. Coffee and tea are available.


A small, bright, and shiny ramen shop specializing in tonkotsu ramen.

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