Kilwa is a city in Southeast Tanzania.

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Mikumi guesthouse

About the cheapest place in town, rooms are spacious but a little grubby (though not unclean). It has electricity (some of the time) and technically it has running water, although since there is only one tap for the entire guest house i'm not sure if this counts. Facilities are shared, and showers involve using a bucket.

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New Jika Guest House

This is the main local (read cheap) place in town. It's in the center of town and recommended for people not wanting to pay tourist prices. Rooms are clean and some have AC. Best to avoid the restaurant, there are many better places around town.

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Kilwa Ruins Lodge

Mostly caters to sport fishermen from Europe and South Africa. Rooms are very simple, food very basic, bar is well stocked. Not the most inviting family spot.

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Kilwa Beach Lodge

Great new (2014) lodge offering a variety of accommodation for all budgets; accepts visa and online bookings possible.

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