Jenin is a 4,000-year-old city in the north West Bank now populated by Palestinians.

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Freedom Theatre

A theatre in the refugee camp hosting a large variety of plays and productions, many concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. With it's dedication to bringing art to the community the Freedom Theatre is a visible and well-known institution in Jenin. The theatre is also accepts volunteers from the artistic community. For visitors, there's a small café within the theatre complex.

Belameh tunnels

The tunnels date back to the Bronze age. In 1996, MOTA began excavations on a tunnel shaft, the most elaborate feature in Belameh. Through support from the UNDP, around 150 meters of tunnel is being transformed into an archeological park which will feature an educational sound and light show.

SEE   —  Nablus street.

Haddad Tourism Village

This tourist village has a hotel, gardens, a pool, and even a large amusement park located on the hotel's grounds.

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Jenin Visitor's Centre

the visitor's centre has many suggestions for activities and things to see.

Cinema Jenin Guesthouse

Five dormitories of 8 beds each, including 2 women-only dormitories.

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North Gate Hotel

Has air conditioning, free internet, restaurant and meeting rooms.

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About Jenin

The name of Jenin is derived from the biblical ''Ein Ganim'' and means ''the spring of gardens''. Surprisingly many people in Jenin speak German, which is probably due to the Cinema Jenin. Further information can be acquired from: *


Source: wikivoyage