Houjie Town(厚街,Mandarin: HòuJīe) is a town in Dongguan City, China, on the east bank of the Pearl River. It has a permanent population of 93000, and more than 400000 as a temporary population.

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Al Pozzo

This Italian restaurant boasts great food and ambiance. Run by an Italian expat, you can't go wrong with most of the menu. Call them, and for free they will pick you up anywhere in town and drop you back off again. At the end of the meal you'll be given a small glass of homemade limoncello, which they'll gladly refill as many times as you can handle it (gratis!).

EAT   —  +86 7 69-85882286 —  HouJie Road

Jinyi Foot Washing

While seldom do the staff speak English, they have a menu of options in English and the rest is not difficult to figure out. Service and facilities are always tip top, and prices are competitive. Foot Massage - ¥58, 60min; body massage - ¥138-158, 90 min. Body massage includes admission to an area with a sauna, steam room, tv, internet, and pool table.

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GoGo Bus

uses modern 7 passenger vans that will take you directly to the door of most hotels in Houjie. A first van crosses the border at Huanggang. From the mainland side, you will then be transferred to another van which will take you the rest of the way. They will sometimes make one or two stops at other hotels along the way before HouJie.

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Neoclassicism Studio

A long walk down Kangle street to the south will take you to this two story DVD seller. They have a range of foreign movies and TV series, software, and music. Quality is good, English movies are in English, and they function fine in the US. You can request to have them demo it for you. The software is generally not recommended.

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Kangle South Road

The main drag in Houjie, this street has eight blocks of clothing stores, shoe shops, mid range restaurants. Higher quality Chinese brand names are found here, as well as some genuine stores international brands, and a few stores peddling piles of cheap clothes and accessories. Busiest around the hours of 20:00-22:00.

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Houjie Square

is an expansive flat space at the heart of the city, and is the sight of all celebrations and festivals. Midway through the evening on any day, it's typical on the west end to see a sizable group line dancing to techno music. Feel welcome to copy the steps and join in, but don't expect the electric slide.

SEE   —  Kangle North Road

Houjie International

Completed in 2009, this hotel is the newest and swellest in Houjie. At the lowest price level, rooms are a bit smaller, but the impressive decor makes up for it. With a corporate rate, room price is about on par with the Sheraton or HaiYatt.

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On the high end of mid-range, this tastefully decorated establishment has an impressive range of food options. Includes Chinese, Italian, Thai curries, steaks, and fish. Food is pretty good considering how far they've stretched themselves.

EAT   —  +86 7 69-88910982 —  Tiyu Road

The Little Sheep

This Hot Pot restaurant is an all you can eat. They prepare two broths to boil the food in at your table, one mild and one spicy. You order the raw items to cook, but beware, you are charged for anything you order that you ''don't'' eat!

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Sports Park

(体育馆, Mandarin:Tiyuguan) has indoor badminton and pingpong courts for rent, outdoor basketball, a pool, and a large running/walking track. The park is a popular hangout for the locals on nights when the weather is nice.

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Boasts the largest lobby in the list, complete with palm trees. Rooms are spacious and well decorated. Starwood Preferred Guest points can be earned and are redeemable internationally.

Buddha Bar

on Houjie Street serves beer, wine, and many options in spirits. Several of the wait staff speak English, and may sit down and chat with you if business is slow and you're alone.

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Irene's Bar

The only expat pub in Houjie, good range of beers on tap and in bottles, wine and spirits. Busy most nights of the week, relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff.

DRINK   —  Yuefanshan Daodao

Mainland Coach Services

To find the transportation counter, follow the signs to "Transportation to Mainland" near terminal 2. The trip should take between 2.5-3.5 hours.

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Qiaodong Bowling Hall

A 4.5km drive north on Guantai road will bring you to this bowling hall, on the left side of the street a bit past Chenwu East Road.

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HaiYatt Garden Hotel

Not to be confused with the "Hyatt" hotel chain, this hotel has tasteful spacious rooms.

Xiang Fe Ge Wine Shop

Not a wine shop at all, this place serves terrific Hunan style food.

Houjie Bar Street

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