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Castle Marienburg

Considered one of the most important neo-Gothic historical buildings in Germany, the castle will transport you back to a day in the life of a Hanoverian court. Its many turrets dominates the rolling hills of the valley of the River Leine. You can take a comprehensive tour of the castle allowing you to see its grand halls and historic rooms.

M'era Luna

Each year around 25,000 fans of metal, industrial, dark-wave and goth music gather at this festival which is possibly the most famous of its kind in Europe. Many top names in these genres have performed here at least once and the 2014 event included Within Temptation and Marilyn Manson among others.

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The Roemer und Pelizaeus Museum

One of the oldest museums in Germany, with world class collections of natural history, ancient Egyptian and Peruvian antiquities, and local history. The museum is also noted for the quality of its special exhibitions.

SEE   —  +49 5121 93690 —  Am Steine 1-2


- and surrounding buildings which include, among others, Rathaus ''(Town Hall)'', Knochenhauer-Amtshaus ''(Butchers' Guild Hall)'', Bäckeramtshaus ''(Bakers' Guild Hall)'', Tempelhaus and Wedekindhaus.

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St. Mary's Cathedral

UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, dates back to the 11th century. See the bronze doors and bronze column, both commissioned by Bishop Bernward around 1015 and the 1000-year-old rosebush in the cloister.

SEE   —  Domhof

St. Michael's Church

Early Romanesque church famous for its Ottonian architecture and the unique "Jessebom", a painted family tree of Jesus-Christ on the wooden ceiling. Also World Cultural Heritage.

SEE   —  +49 5121 34410 —  Michaelisplatz

Stadtmuseum Hildesheim

Museum located in a reconstructed Knochenhauer-Amtshaus ''(Butchers' Guild Hall building)'' next to the Markt. Permanent exhibition concerns city history.

SEE   —  +49 5121 29936 85 —  Markt 7

Kulturfabrik Löseke

Big brick building right next to the railway, former factory. Inside a cafe, club, cinema, exhibition spaces, workshops and who knows what more.

DRINK   —  +49 5121 7509450 —  Langer Garten 1

Cathedral Museum

A rich collection of liturgical objects and works of art of exceptional quality spanning many centuries.

SEE   —  +49 5121 307 760 —  Domhof 18-21

St. Andrew's Church

It has the tallest church tower in Lower Saxony (114.5 metres, can be accessed and offers great views).

SEE   —  Andreasplatz

Umgestülpter Zuckerhut

Half-timbered house,built between 1500 and 1510, destroyed in World War II, reconstructed in 2010.

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Potters Bar

Selection of over 200 different cocktails, many other drinks and non-alcoholic alternatives.

DRINK   —  +49 5121 14698 —  Friesenstraße 17

Meyers Treppchen

German cuisine and South German specialities. Beer garden in a beautiful location.

Cafe Del Sol

Café and Bistro in the style of American colonial architecture.

hi climb - DAV Kletterzentrum Hildesheim

90 climbing routes, 1.000m² climbing area, 14m heigh wall.

Eiscafé Capri

Great ice cream parlor located in the pedestrian area.

Die Insel

Restaurant and cafe on a small river island.

EAT   —  +49 5121 14535 —  Dammstraße 30

About Hildesheim

The historical centre of Hildesheim consisted of over 1900 half-timbered buildings and was often called "Nuremberg of the north" up to the Second World War. During the war, 90% of the centre was destroyed; only a few lanes in the southern centre remained unchanged. Today the centre consists mainly of postwar buildings, 1950 to 1970. However, many historical monuments have been reconstructed. In this process, some of the changes of the last few centuries were removed and the original form of the buildings restored. Two church buildings were declared UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1985.

Source: wikivoyage