Hamar is a city in Hedmark, Norway, facing the impressive Mjøsa lake. The city, which has a population of 31,000, was first established in the middle of the 11th century, but destroyed by a Swedish army in 1567.

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Ankerskogen swimming hall

The main pool is one of Norway's largest, 25x50m. Part of this pool is roped off and has all sort of special floats for kids. There's also a specially heated pool for rehabilitation, a kiddie pool, and a hot tub (cost 10 kr per round), a shallow outdoor pool which is open in summertime. Also a 65 meter slide which kids love. There are huge windows all around the pool, so in the winter you can swim while you watch the snow blowing outside. The changing rooms have saunas. You need a 10 kr coin to operate the lockers, or bring your own lock. Ankerskogen also has indoor tennis courts and a Nautilus gym. You'll also find a cafeteria here. The center was due to be renovated starting in 2010, but they planned on staying open to the public the whole time.


The Viking Ship is a modern speed skating arena, and was built for the 1994 Olympic Winter Games. It name comes form its appearance: an upside-down Viking ship. It regularly hosts major speed skating events, such as world championships. Also known for hosting The Gathering each Easter, a computer gathering mainly for young people which has had over 5,000 participants. Each spring and fall, the Vikingship also hosts a very popular 3-day long market for second-hand/ antique goods. The Viking Ship is situated near Åkersvika, a nature reserve, known for it's rich bird life. At the parking lot there is a "bird tower", where you can get a good view of the bay.

SEE   —  Åkersvikveien 1


A must-see. Medieval cathedral and folk museum along Lake Myøsa. The ruins of the cathedral are encased in a glass house. Lovely walks and beaches by the lake. The open air museum is free and open year round, all the time. The opening hours of the museum vary according to season. There's a nice cafe there as well. Concerts and theater productions are often held in the glass house, but be sure to bring a blanket with you in the evenings- even in the summer, it gets cold there after the sun sets! The Medieval Festival usually takes place here over a long weekend in June.

Go to a HamKam football match.

HamKam is the local football team, which bounces between the first and second division. Watch the normally reserved Norwegians cheer on this team to victory (or not!). Hamar has recently built a beautiful new football stadium called '''Briskeby Arena''' for the home games. You can find out when the next match will be from the website. "Next match" = "Neste kamp" in Norwegian. If HamKam is listed before the other team, then it's a home game. Wear green and white to show your support!

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Seierstad Pensionat

An inexpensive guesthouse in the residential area, but within easy walking distance of the city center. Family rooms available, lots of parking. Breakfast included. Simple but clean & friendly.

SLEEP   —  +47 62 52 12 44 —  Holsetgt 64

Gåsbu / Vangsåsa

A recreational area for the citizens. During the winter there are good possibilities for cross-country skiing. Check out [http://ut.no/sted/516483 ut.no] for hike and trail routes.

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Alle Tiders

This cafe has the best cakes in all of Hamar. Great for lunch and light dinners. Outdoor seating overlooks the pedestrian street. Centrally-located.

EAT   —  +47 625 30 145 —  Torggata 73


Beach area close to the city. Excellent for bathing during the summer. Also possible to use the beach volleyball court or the skate park.

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The Norwegian Emigrant Museum

Museum showing emigration from Norway, with a collection of six buildings (amongst them a church built in 1896 in Minnesota).

SEE   —  +47 62 57 48 50 —  Åkershagan

Hamar Hostel

This hostel, part of Hostelling International, is located near Vikingskipet, a fifteen minute walk from the city centre.

Kunstbanken (Hedmark Art Center)

Sandwiches, cakes, coffees, and culture. The perfect place for lunch. Enjoy your meal and tour the museum afterwards

Railway Museum

Documents the history of the Norwegian railroad system. Lots of child-friendly exhibits. Also has its own library.


Skibladner is the world's oldest preserved paddle steamer, and sails on lake Mjøsa during the summer.

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Hamar Sportsbar

Shows football matches on multiple screens. Possible to play dart and shuffle board.

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Eco-friendly gourmet. Popular, so reservations are a must, at least in the evening.


Pub for a bit older crowd. The backyard is a good place to be during the summer.

DRINK   —  Strandgata 31

The Kirsten Flagstad Museum

Museum dedicated to Norway's most famous opera singer, Kirsten Flagstad.

SEE   —  +47 62 54 27 00 —  Kirkegata 11


One of the few places to go for people between 18 and 20. Young crowd.

DRINK   —  Strandgata 71

CC Mart'n

Shopping mall with Hamar's only Vinmonopolet (wine and liquor store).

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Italian restaurant with pasta and pizza located in a quiet backyard.

EAT   —  +47 625 30 820 —  Torggata 34


Formerly known as Dirty Nelly. Cozy place with occasional dancing.

DRINK   —  Torggata 23

Docile Kontor & Pub

Shows football matches on multiple screens. Can play dart there..

DRINK   —  Kirkegata 3

Rica Hotel Hamar

Situated outside the city-centre, and close to the E6 highway.

SLEEP   —  +47 62 35 01 00 —  Map

Maxi Storsenter

This is the largest shopping mall in Hamar, with 70 stores.

BUY   —  Aslak Bolts gate 48

Løiten Lys

Norway's largest distributor of hand-made candles.

BUY   —  Løten Brænderi

Svare og Berg

Nightclub and a good place for dancing.

DRINK   —  Strandgata 71

Royal India

Decent Indian food, but a bit pricey.

EAT   —  +47 62 11 07 11 —  Strandgata 37


Sushi restaurant and cocktail bar.

EAT   —  +47 625 211 02 —  Strandgata 21


Cafe and vintage store combined.

EAT   —  +47 413 27 903 —  Strandgata 53


American inspired menu.

EAT   —  Østre torg


Bar and concert scene.

DRINK   —  Grønnegata 70

Sebs hotel

Rock and metal pub.

DRINK   —  Grønnegata 34

Hot & Spicy

Chinese and thai.

EAT   —  +47 62 52 02 60 —  Torggata 21


EAT   —  +47 62 52 34 62 —  Map

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