Graham is a small town (pop. 8,903 in 2010) in rural north Texas and is the county seat of Young County.

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Historic Downtown Square

Graham's downtown square is the largest city square in the USA. Graham's original courthouse, built in 1884, was destroyed in a fire in the 1930s. The original arched stone door frame still stands in the center of the town square and has become a symbol of the community. Also inside the square, on the northeast lawn of the courthouse, sits a gazebo which serves many functions for the citizens of Graham. It is not uncommon for the gazebo to be in use on any random Saturday morning for events like political rallies, presentations, or band concerts.<p>It should be noted, however, that Graham's claim to having the largest downtown square in America is disputed by some communities, notably Iola, KS. Since Graham's square is so large that it needs a road running through the center of it (home to the aforementioned stone doorway), Iolans consider this non-traditional; therefore, they believe their "unbroken" town square should be considered the biggest in the country.

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Chicken Express

One of the more popular restaurants with young people. The employees at Chicken Express pride themselves on the fact that their fried chicken is never frozen and always hand-breaded. Be sure and get some freshly fried jalapeno poppers and a few packets of "serendipity" seasoning to sprinkle on your chicken. They are also famous for their unbelievably sweet sweet-tea.

EAT   —  1901 Hwy 16 S

Old Post Office Museum & Art Center

This museum sits inside of the town square, just south of the courthouse. It served as Graham's U.S. Post Office for many years until a newer, more modern facility was built on the north end of town. Today, it is an art museum, specializing in western art and is a Texas Historic Landmark. It is open Wednesday through Saturday, 1PM to 4PM.

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Foy's Steaks & Seafood

Offers what many locals agree is the best steak in town. You will pay for quality, but here, it's worth a little extra. They also have seafood and Foy's is one of the few places in town to get an alcoholic beverage with your meal.

EAT   —  400 Elm St

Fireman's Park

A very large public park with many roads and trails, hiking paths, restroom facilities, and sets of playground equipment. It can be found on the northwest side of town.

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The Wildcatter Ranch

A few miles south of town off of HWY 16, is one of the most popular places for the locals to enjoy live music and cold drinks.

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Vetoni's Italian Restaurant

Makes fresh pizza from scratch. Don't miss the bar accessible through the back parking lot for an ice cold draft beer!

EAT   —  1111 Hwy 16 S

Wildcatter Ranch

Guest ranch accommodation which offers a range of outdoor activities including canoeing, hiking, and fishing.

SLEEP   —  6062 Hwy 16 South

Graham Drive-In

One of only a few Texas drive-in theaters still in operation.

Elm Street Bed & Breakfast

Accommodation in a well-furnished 1906 Victorian home.

SLEEP   —  +1 940 362-4262 —  830 Elm St

Oak Garden Inn Bed & Breakfast

Beautiful 1925 home on one acre of gardens.

SLEEP   —  817 Oak St

About Graham

Graham is a small town where most of the citizens have a traditional and generally conservative outlook on life. This is a good thing in the sense that if you are a friendly person who is willing to openly converse in a jovial manner, you will have no problem meeting like-minded friendly people and your stay in Graham will be a happy and memorable one. Graham, not unlike many small communities in Texas, is known for its friendly citizens and a certain "down home" Texas-Americana feel. Outsiders are often surprised (and oddly enough, sometimes offended) at the amount of hellos, howdys, and hat tips a person may receive for merely crossing paths with a local. If it gets weird, and indeed it might, just roll with it, return the gesture, and be friendly.

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