Goris is a city in Southern Armenia. The city was possibly the first build in a grid layout in Armenia, with a very quaint regional style of stone architecture.

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Tatev Monastery

Not so far from Goris on the map, but it takes about 50 minutes to go there by car. The final kilometers up the hill are not paved but in an acceptable state to drive on it with a normal car. Tatev is located on an 850 meter high cliff above a natural land bridge, springs, a cavern in an underground river. It is an unforgettable place. Instead of driving to Tatev, you can go to the village Halidzor by taxi on a paved road and then use the presumably longest ropeway in the world up to Tatev. Insist that the taxi only drive you to Halidzor (costs about 4000 dram) and not up to Tatev (costs about 10000 dram)!

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Khachik B&B

A B&B that's been a fixture for visitors for many years. Friendly owners that brew wine in their own home. You can have pre-ordered meals as well; dinner per person is 4000 AMD. Trying the wine is also extra. The hosts can arrange a taxi to go to the cable car to Tatev and wait at Devil's Bridge while you walk down from the monastery, 8000 AMD round trip (10,000 AMD if you want the cab to go all the way to the monastery).

Aregak B&B

Lovely B&B close to the centre of Goris, in a separate apartment to the host. Great breakfasts, tea and coffee. The apartment contains two triple rooms and one double, kitchen, TV, fridge, etc. Host can arrange transport to Tatev and onwards.

SLEEP   —  +374 937 66525 —  4/16 Getapnya

Bgheno-Noravank Monastery

A couple of kilometers off the main highway is the little known and less visited monastery of Bgheno Noravank. Easy to miss the turnoff, and just consisting of a couple of chambers, it's a good spot for a break if you're on a long drive.

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Old Khndzoresk Cave Village

Until a few decades ago, people lived in those caves still, and this was an active cave village - so be careful who you call a caveman around here!

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Fantastic design/decor, very "Armenian" while still being comfortable and modern. Excellent staff, beautiful garden, good food.

SLEEP   —  +374 284 24612 —  100 Mashtots Str.

Tsitsernavank Monastery

A very ancient monastery that's undergone recent renovation.

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Goris church

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