Golan Heights

The Golan Heights is a rocky plateau at the southern end of the Anti-Lebanon Mountains, and straddles the borders of Syria and Israel. Israel currently holds about two-thirds of the territory, which it captured in the 1967 Six-Day War and annexed in 1981, while Syria holds the remaining one-third.

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Observation to Quneitra

Quneitra is a ghost town, which was abandoned by the Syrians during the 1967 war and left in the no-man's-land ever since. Thoroughly wrecked not only in 1967 but in the subsequent 1973 conflict as well, from the Israeli side, the area can only be viewed from designated viewpoints set up along the border road, as it's just across the de facto line of control. From Syria, it used to be possible to visit the area with a permit from the relevant military office in Damascus. But as of 2016, it is in a zone controlled by rebels, and like the rest of Syria, is off-limits to ordinary visitors.

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Nimrod Castle

an ancient fortress in the northern Golan Heights, built in the 13th century by Muslim rulers to defend against a possible Crusader attack. It is located on a steep mountain ridge, with deep forested ravines on either side, and has a stupendous view of its surroundings. A trail leads from the fortress's west edge downhill several kilometers to '''Banias''', another important historical and nature site in the area.

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Aniam artists' village

A quaint artists' village where you can see many of the artists working in addition to perusing and buying their works. In the valley south of Aniam is a picturesque river and water pool. Further up the valley (just before the main road, route 808) is the Ayit waterfall, which is impressive in winter but totally dry in summer. All these sites are in walking distance from each other.

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Mount Bental

A mountain in the eastern Golan Heights with an Israeli stronghold (formerly a Syrian stronghold) on top and views of Syria to the east and the Golan Heights to the west. On some days, you might hear or even see a bomb going off in the distance, part of the Syrian Civil War. From this distance, it sounds like thunder. You can explore the Syrian army bunkers here from before 1967.

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Tel Faher

A Syrian military post between 1948-1967. In that period the Syrian army would shell Israeli agricultural settlements in the valley below as part of border disputes. The post was conquered by Israel in a bloody battle in 1967. It is now the site of a memorial, and you can explore the Syrian bunkers, which have a great view down to the fields of the kibbutzim.

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A very nice water hike in the wetlands along the north Sea of Galilee shore. You walk for about 1.5km in the river, including some swimming (you must know how to swim). Bring shoes to wear in the water. There is also a dry path if you don't want to get wet. This is near the New Testament site of Bethsaida.

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The Golan Brewery

Located in "Kesem Hagolan", the Golan Visitors Center, close to the Golan Heights Winery. Established in 2006, brewing German Style Beer by a German brewmaster. They offer 4 to 5 types of beer, including an genuine Bavarian "Weizen". Open every day.

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This national park follows the Banias stream, and includes some easy and fairly short hiking trails that pass by old water mills, vigorous rapids, a waterfall, an old overturned Syrian tank, and the ruins of a temple to the ancient Greek god Pan.

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Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve

Amazing hikes through natural pools. A must do for anyone with a strong sense of adventure and some basic athletic ability. Different hikes with different difficulty levels.

Mount Hermon

Enjoy the view from 2284m in the northernmost point of the Golan Heights, and even ski there in the winter. There is a cable car going up the mountain.

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Merom Golan

Kibbutz Merom Golan sits in the north of the Golan Heights, at the foothill of the extinct Ben Tal Volcano some 1000 meters above sea level.

Tel Dan National Park

a beautiful nature reserve, which includes the ruins of ancient Dan, famous for the Israelite temple uncovered there.

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Nature reserve and archaeological site of a Jewish stronghold from 87 BCE until it fell to the Romans in 67 CE.

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Majdal Shams

A Druze village. Nearby is the Shouting Hill where villagers communicate with their relatives in Syria.

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Golan Heights Winery

Located not far from Qatzrin, the wines from here are quite tasty

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The largest town in the Israeli-controlled part of the Heights

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