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Prinknash Abbey

With its monastery, bird park and Roman Mosaic. This latter is a full-size copy of the original mosaic on the floor of a Roman villa at nearby Woodchester, now in a churchyard. The original is thought to have been created in c.325 AD. It has been unearthed periodically several times, but the last time it was on view to the public, in 1973, it produced so much interest and traffic congestion in the town that it was decided never to unearth it again. Devastated by the possibility that no-one else would see it ever again, two local builders spent ten years working on the reconstruction.

Eastgate Shopping Centre

Main shopping centre in city centre, providing many large chain stores such as H&M, Burger King and Poundland. As well as access to the large Marks & Spencer supermarket. The shopping centre also has a small indoor market area towards the back, which sells various goods for considerably cheaper than the main stores.

Gloucester Cathedral

The city's cathedral and arguably the most iconic landmark. Completed in 1499, this Gothic building has a beautiful design and heritage. In popular culture, the cathedral is well known for being used for filming in several of the Harry Potter movies.

Gloucester Quays Outlet

Outlet shopping centre home to big designer brands such as Calvin Klein, Bench and Levi's trying to offload last year's fashion trends at less inflated prices. There is also a Cadbury's chocolate store, selling all kinds of treats all year round.

Baker's Jewellers

Is one of the most unusual 'action' time clocks you are likely to see in a city centre. It dates back to Edwardian times and has five figures which represent England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Olde Father Time.

Cafe Rene

it is apparently haunted by monks who once had a monastery on the site. To make it even better, it has a well and fountain in the middle of the main bar area. . .and the food is gorgeous too.

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The Regal

Former cinema and picture palace that ceased operations in 1988, famous for hosting the only live performance for The Beatles 1963 tour. Now a Wetherspoon's pub with food and drink.

The White Horse

If you're looking for something more filling there is a Chinese restaurant by the river just a mile or so outside Gloucester.

Gloucester Docks

18th century, a popular tourist attraction, with numerous museums and shops/pubs.

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The City Museum & Art Gallery

which houses much material plotting Gloucester's Roman past.

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Yummy Yummy

Chinese Takeaway

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Wonder Food

Chinese Takeaway

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A roman toilet

Outside Boots

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College Court

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The Folk Museum

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The Severn Bore

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About Gloucester (England)

The City of Gloucester is the furthest inland port in the UK, situated beside the River Severn. It inspired the old English nursery rhyme:

"Dr Foster went to Gloucester in a shower of rain.
He stepped in a puddle,
Right up to his middle,
And never went back again."
'Dick Whittington', born around 1350, a well-known character through the pantomime story, has connections with Gloucester. The story is based on the real life Richard Whittington, who, unlike his pantomime character, was not poor, being the third son of Sir William Whittington of Gloucester. The traditional tale has a 'poor' Dick going to London to seek his fortune, but he eventually becomes Lord Mayor of London.

A traditional rhyme is associated with this episode, as follows:

"Turn again, Whittington, Once Mayor of London, Turn again, Whittington, Twice Mayor of London, Turn again, Whittington, Thrice Mayor of London!"

The city is also known for 'The Tailor of Gloucester', a children's novel by Beatrix Potter that was first published in 1903. It is traditionally read to children on Christmas Eve, just before bedtime.

It was a main Roman city, Glevum—Roman tunnels and fortifications exist underneath the city centre and can be visited through the museum.

Source: wikivoyage