Garhwal (Hindi: गढ़वाल) is one of two major regions in Uttarakhand. Garhwal is the more easily accessible northern and western part of Uttarakhand and borders China.

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Panch Kedar

This refers to five '''Hindu''' temples or holy places of the '''Shaivite''' sect dedicated to '''Shiva'''. The five temples are to be visited in strict order during a pilgrimage.

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Rajaji National Park

Camty fall

Bhuri Singh Museum

SEE   —  Located in Chamba

Chandi Devi Mandir

SEE   —  Located in Haridwar

About Garhwal

Garhwal is named because it has 52 small territories. ''Garh'' in Hindi means territories. Because of this, the region was given the name ''Garhwal''.

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