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Café Badehaus

a cosy and creative space with a friendly host. In summer people taking a swim in the river Rednitz that passes in front of the garden like to come for a drink afterwards; furthermore a variety of interesting people, creative community etc. like to meet here

DRINK   —  Badstraße 8

Asia Küche

good Chinese food for a decent price, they even offer a lunch special. When you eat here you either eat standing up or take-out and eat at home. They also offer a delivery service.

EAT   —  +49 911 7419689 —  Maxstraße 30

Cafe am Park

nice little family business where you get excellent coffee, nice bakery and a daily offered warm dish. Has some tables in the small park in front of it.

EAT   —  +49 911 778596 —  Moststraße 27

Kulturort Badstraße

a rather small venue, while there are times without any offers, it regularly hosts nice exhibitions and concerts (see website for current activities)

DO   —  Badstraße 8

Our Place

A local American restaurant where you get so much food that you need to share! They are hidden behind the subway stop ''Fuerth Rathaus''


Kofferfabrik is a great place with a lot of non-mainstream culture happenings (concerts, theatre, ...), see website for details.

Zum Tannenbaum

offers wonderful traditional German and Franconian dishes - a short walk from the subway stop ''Fuerth Rathaus''


Constructed between 1840 and 1850, the building was strongly inspired by the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

SEE   —  Königstraße 86

Tante Förster

One of the relatively new additions to Fürth's café landscape, this is a rather hip and friendly place.

Fürther Freiheit

The location of the first train to ever run in Germany. Now the Open-air markets is there.


About a 15 minute drive or bus ride from downtown Fuerth

SLEEP   —  +49 911 97100 —  Europaallee 1

Hotel Prima Vera

Parco in Waldstraße 44 and Centro in Mathildenstraße 26

SLEEP   —  Map

Tante Förster

a nice looking new addition to the scene

Rundfunk Museum

The Radio Museum of the City of Fürth


an excellent local Greek restaurant

Kaffee Bohne

a nice café in the very center

Historic city streets

North of the town hall.

SEE   —  Map


Burger place

About Fürth

During the Middle Ages Fürth was jointly governed by the city of Nuremberg, the bishop of Bamberg and the count of Ansbach. Therefore Fürth's coat of arms shows a cloverleaf. Fürth is also older than Nuremberg, dating back to November 1007. See "1000 Jahre Fürth" at http://www.1000-jahre-fuerth.de (German only). Fürth had a large Jewish population before the Nazis expelled and/or murdered them (Levi's founder Levi Strauss for example, also Henry Kissinger, who was born in Fürth and fled to the USA when the Nazis came to power).

As is often the case with cities that close to each other Nuremberg and Fürth enjoy a fierce rivalry that is even more pronounced in soccer, with both teams being dominant in Germany for most of the 1920s. While there is not much love lost between the two cities today, attitudes (outside of soccer games) are more relaxed now than they seem at first glance and the rivalry is mostly folklore.