Fort-de-France is the largest city in and capital of Martinique.

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Hike to Cascade Didier

Trail is not marked, park next to the power generator almost at the end of the road. Walk down towards the river, cross the bridge and up on the other side you ll find a tunnel, bring a flash light. The 1st waterfall is now a 15 min walk away up the river, it is around 6 meter high and jumping from the top is possible. The 2nd waterfall is another 45 mins up the river and consist of a 25 m drop in a basin where you can swim. Watch out for the green and purple matoutou spider on the way.

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Cathedral Saint-Louis

First built in 1671, it was damaged by numerous fires and earthquakes before being totally reconstructed in 1890 by the same architect as the Bibliothèque Schoelcher.

Cascade Absalon

Easily accessible waterfall where you can swim in the water basin. Park the car just after the bridge and watch out on the slippery steps.

Dillon distillery

A small museum about rum making in the former distillery Dillon. All the rum making process has now moved to a new site.

Leader Price

If you re travelling by boat, this is the closest to restock on groceries.

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Jardin de Balata

Botanical garden with more than 200 species of plants and flowers.

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Outside bar in a garden and restaurant inside.

Le grand marché

Covered market.

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