Erlangen is a city in Franconia, Germany. Home to most of the Friedrich-Alexander University (two faculties are in Nuremberg) and the Siemens company.

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Christmas market

Erlangen has two centrally located Christmas Markets, both of which are atmospherically nice. You will find the {{do | name=Erlanger Waldweihnacht | alt= | url= | email= | address=Schlossplatz | lat=49.5978172 | long=11.0040967 | directions= | phone= | tollfree= | fax= | hours=Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 11am-pm (starting end november and running until Christmas) | price= | lastedit=2016-09-11 | content= }}, during the opening of which there is also an open air ice rink on the other half of the square (Marktplatz); furthermore there is the {{do | name=Historical Christmas Market | alt= | url= | email= | address=Neustädter Kirchplatz | lat=49.595916 | long=11.0060271 | directions= | phone= | tollfree= | fax= | hours= | price= | lastedit=2016-09-11 | content= }}

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Held every Pentecost (''Whitsuntide'' - seven weeks after Easter) for twelve days every year. The first day is always the Thursday before the Pentecost weekend. Similar to ''Oktoberfest'', but more German owing to the absence of tourists. In the year 2005 it marked its 250th anniversary. The 12 day festival draws crowds around the 1 million mark, so hotels might get crowded and overpriced during this time of the year. at 23:00 the main action stops and the party crowd goes on to the various discos and bars that keep going until 5:00

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aromatic garden

is located near the clinic and the university buildings next to the auditorium maximum and is part of the university's research collection ''Herbarium Erlangense''. It invites for a walk around the intertwined paths and offers a variety of well-known and less well-known armoatic and spice plants as well as a marsh area.

SEE   —  Palmsanlage

Entla's Keller

One of the best known ''Keller'' during ''Bergkirchweih'' this one focuses on the food at least as much as the beer ("Entla" is Franconian for duck). It is also the only one to be open all summer long and it is as good a place as any to sample traditional Franconian cuisine and the unique ''Bierkeller'' experience.

Palais Sutterheim

built 1728 through 1730 for Amtshauptmann Christian Hieronymus von Stutterheim based on sketches by Wenzel Perner. Used as town hall between 1836 and 1971. Today, it hosts both the museum Kunstpalais as well as the city's public library, which offers a magnificient public place to read magazines and newspapers.

SEE   —  Marktplatz 1

Tag des offenen Denkmals

usually held in late summer, this day offers the possibility to see many historic monuments, even some which are usually not open; which sites takes place changes (see link), Erlangen usually takes part in the nationwide happening with a significant amount of offerings

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Zum Pleitegeier

This is a kind of institution in Erlangen. Plainly decorated, however young in mind. The courtyard becomes a beergarden in summer. Cheep salads, unconventional pizza and small to bigger plates with adequate drink prices make the Pleitegeier a popular meeting spot.


is a park around the tiny river Schwabach which begins at the northern end of the old town and spans across ''Palmsanlage'' up to the borough of “Sieglitzhof”. It contains open playing grounds and sports areas and is popular amongst walkers, joggers and bikers.

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Burgberg garden, including the Heinrich Kirchner sculpture park

which is located in between of villas and spans about 30,000 sqare meters and many old trees. At its upper end, it contains a viewpoint and the best view over the city. A further highlight are the bronze sculputres by Erlangen artist Heinrich Kirchner.

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German reformed church Bohlenplatz

This is actually not a church any more, it is now a parish house. Reformed Christians from Palatine and Switzerland created the parish and sanctified their own church in 1734. In 1922, the French reformed and the German reformed churches merged.

SEE   —  Bohlenplatz 1

botanical garden

invites for a walk; especially in rainy wheather or winter, you may like to visit the greenhouses; the garden furthermore offers an artificial stalactite cave, called Neischl-Grotte (which however is not always open)

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Lê & Vi

an asian fusion quisine of good quality, very modern style, somewhat hip interior, friendly staff, the only disadvantage is that the whole room somewhat smells of food as they cook within the room

Stadttheater Erlangen

3 different stages, among them the ''Markgrafentheater'', which is the oldest Baroque theater in Southern Germany - built in 1719. It is worth visiting, even if you don't understand German at all.

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The local McDonalds (near ''Hugenottenplatz'') while it is no different from any other McDonalds is located inside a former post office that is quite nice to look at from the outside.

EAT   —  Hugenottenplatz 1

E-Werk Kulturzentrum

Cultural centre showing great concerts (from famous to hardly known), which also hosts a cinema, multiple festivals and a variety of other program, such as for example poetry slams.

DO   —  Fuchsenwiese 1

Food court in Neuer Markt shopping mall

a small food court with solid food offerings (sushi, pizza, döner, vegetarian burgers international food); besides the food court there is also an Asian style food booth

EAT   —  Rathausplatz 5

Steinbach Bräu

It is hidden in the alleys of the city in the northern part, so tourists cannot easily find it. Traditional German food with fresh beer from their microbrewery.

historic water tower

the water tower located on the hill “Burgberg” was built to store the city's drinking water supply and can be seen from many locations within the city.

SEE   —  Burgbergstraße 90


is especially popular amongst students and other young folks on nice weather and is used for sunbathing and playing; it also offers a lot of benches

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Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften

a bi-yearly big happening regarding the sciences, usually held on one night in the second half of October in years with an odd number

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Hotel Zeitwohnhaus

Classy business hotel close to the centre of the city (1km from Hbf). Great rooms with comfort apartments from $90 per day.

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NH Erlangen

Located in the city centre, this 4* hotel is within walking distance of many restaurants, bars and tourist attractions.

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Yoghurt Bar Erlangen

Tasty homemade soups and frozen yoghurts. Popular with university students as the university library is close by.

Youth hostel

DJH hostel. Preference given to under 26-year-olds. In the Freizeitzentrum, where you will also find a pool etc.


Located at the ''Rothelheimpark'' to the east of the city. During summers, the beautiful ''Biergarten'' is open.

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Mein lieber Schwan

One of the best restaurants in town, with a short but diverse menu, and tasty quality food and friendly staff.

EAT   —  +49 (0)9131-53540

Döner shops along the Hauptstraße

there are several Döner places all along Hauptstraße, for example a good one is Zio Cey (esp. for Falafel)

EAT   —  Hauptstraße

Gasthof Schwarzer Bär

Single room with shower/shared €30/26; double with shower/shared €47/36; three-bed room with shower €62.

Café Cycles

student place with varying solid food but no big choice (offer depends on the day, e.g. burgers, pizza)

Café Brazil

a relatively small menu but good food with mostly good daily offerings, often populated with students

EAT   —  +49 - 9131 - 23455 —  Map

International Comic Salon Erlangen

Held every two years on the weekend of the Feast of Corpus Christi. The paradise of comics fans.

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AB Hotel

Very close to the ''Theaterplatz'' in the center of the city. Quiet and clean, with free WLAN.

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Hotel grauer Wolf

Cannot get any closer to the center of the city. It incorporates a gourmet restaurant also.

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Das Lorleberg

Nice café with good breakfast, also offering a set of warm dishes at lunch and dinner time.

Gemeinnütziger Theater- und Konzertverein Erlangen e.V. (gVe)

Local non-profit Union that organizes theater shows and classical concerts all year round.

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Located in the ''Hauptstraße'' near the ''Schlossplatz''. Organic food and beverages.

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A small but good museum of modern art with changing exhibitions, run by the city.

Buon Giorno Italia

the best Italian Ciabatta with cheese, salami and antipasti available in Erlangen

Studiobühne Erlangen e.V.

Student theater association with roughly ten productions being staged every year.

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Kunstverein Erlangen

Gallery of the local art association mostly showcasing exhibitions of local art.

Tio Bar and Restaurant

The Tio offers good pizza baked in a wood oven in a modern, friendly atmosphere.

Stadtmuseum Erlangen

Historic museum of the city, also having chaning exhibitions on various topics.

Kunstmuseum Erlangen

A small museum with often astonishing exhibitions of modern regional art.

Japanisches Restaurant Nippon

high quality Japanese Restaurant with some Europeanized offerings

Hotelchen Garni am Theater

As the name says, it is located in the Theater area of the city.

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historic water tower

built to suppy the fountains within Schlossgarten and Orangerie.

SEE   —  Apfelstraße 12


the flooding area of the river Regnitz invites for a slow walk.

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Germany's most beautiful silent film festival with live music.

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Hugenot church

This reformed church is the oldest building of the new town.

SEE   —  Bahnhofplatz 3


a decent Greek restaurant, somewhat South of the city center

Margrave palace (''Markgräfliche Schloss'')

built 1700–1704, now hosts the university's administration

SEE   —  Schlossplatz


Bar and Thai restaurant. Impressive building and interior.

Altmanns Stube

Elegant hotel in ''Theaterplatz'' with a restaurant also.

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Manhattan bar

a nice bar operated with one of the arthouse cinemas

Siemens Med Museum

a museum about the evolution of medical technology.

Lennox steak + seafood

Just next to the Martin Luther square (and church).

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International Jazz Workshop Erlangen

held yearly around end of March/beginning of April

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International Figure Theater Festival

Held every year (usually second half of may).

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Sems Döner

one of the best Döner places in Erlangen

Orangerie Erlangen

located in the ''Schlossgarten'' park

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a traditional Franconian restaurant

Curry house

Fresh Indian fast food and lassis

EAT   —  Helmstraße 11

Summer Nights Film Festival

open air cinema, yearly in August

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Theaterverein Fifty-Fifty e.V.

Cabaret, theater and music stage.

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Sound of Erlangen

regional newcomer music festival

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Poetry Festival

Held every year (late August).

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Havana Bar

Bar serving mainly cocktails.

DRINK   —  Engelstraße 17


Jewellery, pearls, workshops.

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Music records and books.

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good italian restaurant

Leonidas pralines

Chocolates and more.

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Classical music by the lake

Held every summer.

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Prahse Antik

Antique furniture.

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Big shopping mall

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Exquisite hotel.

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Greek restaurant

Neuer Markt

Shopping mall

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Ultra Comix

Comic store.

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Wassermann Floristik


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Brucker Wasserrad

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margrave statue

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Brucker Lache

SEE   —  Map

Margravial Palace

SEE   —  Map

Pauli fountain

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Goldene Harfe

EAT   —  Map

Arena Festival

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About Erlangen

One third of the roughly 100 000 residents are involved with the university (students, researchers etc.), and another third work for Siemens. Medicine is one of the specialties of the University, so you are in luck if you fall ill with over six clinics located within the city.

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