Erfurt is the capital of the German state of Thuringia (Thüringen) and has about 200,000 inhabitants. It was an important trading town during the Middle Ages, and has many beautiful old buildings and parks.

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Shopping centre approx. 20 min outside the city centre. Shop for apparel, groceries, electronics and more. Post office, drug store and "Sparkasse" (a German bank)also inside. Special events happen around holidays or around special themes (e.g. fashion, sport etc.)

TEC (Thüringer Einkaufszentrum)

Shopping mall 10 minutes outside the city centre. Shop here for groceries or electronics. Only a few apparel shops are here. The several shops open at different times, have a look at the website for details!

BUY   —  Hermsdorfer Str. 4


Black, House and Rock music. Every Thursday: Ladies World with free entrance until midnight and all you can drink for €6. Every Friday: Night of the Stars with special drinks. Saturdays: varying themes.

DRINK   —  Willi-Brandt-Platz 1


a huge and beautiful botanical garden and accessible by the ''Straßenbahn''. Garden lovers can find many things to do and see. Check out for any exhibitions or programmes.

DO   —  Map


Nice cafe and bar with the opportunity to sit outside and have a nice look at the Gera river. Every day they offer a different special - check out the website!

DRINK   —  Kürschnergasse 8


monastery where Martin Luther lived, the main gate of the old university (third oldest German university, shut down in the 19th century and reopened in 1992)

SEE   —  Augustinerstraße 10

Anger 1

Shopping mall directly in the city centre. Offers the opportunity to shop for apparel, electronics, groceries and more on four floors.

BUY   —  Anger 1


Nice location with the option to sit outside and watch passing by people, good breakfast and food in general. Closed on Mondays!

EAT   —  Am Fischmarkt 19

Old Synagogue

Oldest surviving European Synagogue, today a museum that has an impressive collection of 14th century Jewish jewellery.

SEE   —  Waagegasse 8


Varying program and events, regular: Fightclub (different music styles). More alternative and rock music.

Club Centrum

Minimal music, drum&bass, electronic, house, black. Varying events on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

DRINK   —  Anger 7


Cocktail lounges, salsa parties and 70s/80s/pop events on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

DRINK   —  Dalbergsweg 1

Cosmopolar - unique music lounge

pop, electronic, house, black. Varying events on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

DRINK   —  Anger 66

Club 1

Black and House music. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday varying events and DJs.

DRINK   —  Steigerstraße 18


Bridge with medieval houses, the most important landmark in Erfurt

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main square, full of stores with the old Post Office building.

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Petersberg Citadel

a historical defence system and a great lookout over the city

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San Remo

Supposedly an excellent ice cream shop.

EAT   —  Marktstrasse 21


with its Burgerhouses and town hall.

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Erfurt Theater

Watch an opera or play

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SEE   —  Domstufen 1

Severi Kirche

SEE   —  Domplatz

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