Erding is a small city in Upper Bavaria, Germany. Although the city is home to the world's biggest brewery for wheat beers, Europe's biggest spa, and Munich Airport is only 10 min away, the city has kept most of its small town charm and historical center.

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Brewery Erdinger

A special point of interest for every beer aficionado is vistit to the world's biggest wheat beer (Bavarian: ''Weißbier'') brewery ''Erdinger Weißbräu''. You can experience the brewing process with a little historical introduction to brewing and the brewery, the actual tour through the brewing facilities, the bottling plant, and the huge warehouse. After the tour you can try as many pretzels, white sausages, and as much Erdinger beer you like (included in the tour price). The tours are often completely booked during German holiday weeks, so try to book beforehand.

Zum Erdinger Weißbräu

Typical Bavarian food in a rustic atmosphere. The menu is focused around local dishes, which are neatly arranged. Needless to say, that besides your standard juices and lemonades, the local Erdinger beer is served in this restaurant (the restaurant is in fact owned by the Erdinger brewing company). Reservations are recommended, as on weekend, evenings, and in summer the place fills up very quickly.

Brauerei Gasthof "zur Post"

The plain interior of this restaurant in a historic building hasn't such a cozy feel as the "Erdinger Weißbräu" just around the corner, but is less overdrowded and loud. The restaurant focuses on traditional Bavarian dishes, with ''"Oxenbackerl"'' (cheek of the ox in red wine sauce) as the speciality of the house.

AMA Hotel

This small airport and trade fair hotel with only 4 apparments is located in the center of town, close to restaurants and sights. Free parking is available. As the hotel has no maned reception, automated check-in is available 24/7. The rooms are spacious and modern and free wifi is available.

SLEEP   —  +49 8122 8683130 —  Lange Zeile 26

Schöner Turm

The ''Schöner Turm'' (Beautiful Tower) marks the eastern end of the historic city center. It was built around 1408 in late Gothic style and is the last vivble part of the historic city wall. Like the rest of the town it was severely damaged in the Thirty Years' War, but rebuilt afterwards.

Museum Erding

The museum centers around the history of the city of Erding. It was founded in 1856, which makes it one of the oldest city museums. The museum is subdivided in a section for prehistoric times, Middle Ages, the time of the German Reich, and modern history after 1950.


Friends of the Indian cuisine will get their money's woth here. Unimpressive from the outside, the interior of the restaurant is that of a typical Indian restaurant in Europe. The service personnel is fast and attentive, and tries to meet all the guests' wishes.


Bavaria's capital and biggest city ''Munich'' is only a short 50 min suburban train ride away. The city is Bavaria's cultural focal point with a vast number of museums, galleries, and other sights, and numerous shops and stores in every price range.

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Thermenwelt Erding

To relax in Europe's largest sauna & spa area is almost a must for every visitor to the region. The 16 different water slides keep the kids occupied while the parents are relaxing in the (mandatory nude) sauna & spa area.

Erdinger Autumn Beer Festival

The Erdinger Autumn Beer Fetsival is the third biggest beer festival in Upper Bavaria. It has 2 large beer halls and an amusement park. It takes place every year at the end of August / beginning of September.

DO   —  Am Stadion

Wirtshaus Kreuzeder

This restaurant is one of the best regarding traditional Bavarian dishes in Erding. In a cosy and private atmosphere, big portions of high quality food are served for a fair price. No credit cards accepted.

Musikpark Erding

This huge club with 3 areas (techno, black, Schlager) is located on the top level of Media Markt electronics store in Business Park North-West.


This quaint university town with its cathedral and the famous ''Weihenstephaner'' brewery is just a 20 min car drive north of Erding.

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Brasserie Dostojewskij

The Dostojewskij is a cozy restaurant at the northern end of Lange Zeile. The place is most popular for its opulent breakfast.

Wifi Hotspot at McDonald's

The McDonald's restaurant in Business Park North-West offers free wifi for its customers.

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About Erding

The official history of Erding starts in 742, although hints of first settlements go back as far as 2500 BC. The settlement was appointed a city in 1228 by Duke Louis I of Bavaria. During the Thirty Years' War Erding was burned to the ground by the Swedes thrice. The citizens were able to rebuild the city, though, with the help of the newly implemented tax on beer. During the last days of World War II, Erding was bombarded before surrendering to American troops without fighting back. After WWII the city kept growing continuously, and with the opening of Munich Airport, which is located just north of the city, went into a boom, that is still continuing to date.

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