Enoshima (江ノ島) is both a small island and a small seaside town next to the island in Kanagawa prefecture Fujisawa city, to the south of Tokyo. It's a popular beach destination and, on a nice summer day, has a bit of a laid-back California surfer vibe.

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It is a Japanese style confectionery. This store is well-known for its confections made in the shape of the famous Enoden train in the area. Recommended are ohagi and monaka. Ohagi is a cake made of rice flour with lots of taste. Other items are made from soy bean flour, sweet bean paste, sesame etc. Monaka is a wafer cake filled with red or white bean jam that costs about 100 yen.

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A fresh fish market. They sell fish, octopus, cuttle fish, shellfish, wakame (soft seaweed) among other things. The fishdealer can make excellent recommendations on what to buy. This store is often featured on local television and Japanese TV personalities can sometimes be seen here.

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Enoshima Shrine

Best known for its rather unusual '''naked statue of Benzaiten''' (裸弁財天 ''hadaka Benzaiten''), a Shinto deity rarely found in such a state. The shrines at the top of Enoshima 2 chome have an all seeing turtle painted on the ceiling.

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Cafe Benten

Near the third shrine on the island (address is 2-chome street). Serves American-style pizza, cooked to order. Very friendly atmosphere, good service, and an irritating habit of spamming Wikivoyage.

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Backside of Enoshima

The Points located on the backside of Enoshima near the cave are a sight worth seeing. Tidal pools brim with crabs and trapped fish. The backside of Enoshima is the local fishing secret.

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The main (本店 ''honten'') of the 3 Tobiccho shopts, and one of the most popular seafood restaurants in the island. The meals are all fresh and good. It has a pretty view of the harbor.

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Shōnan Cafe

Has good food. You can eat a bowl of rice with avocado salad, fresh juice, Loko Moko, hot dog and so on. 'Enoshima Loko Moko' is a recommended dish of avocado, chicken & rice.

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New Enoshima Aquarium

The aquarium has a decent collection of marine life, and a dolphin show. However, you can expect the aquarium to be very crowded on hot summer days!

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At the entrance of causeway to Enoshima Island, 3-minute walk to Katase-Enoshima train station; ¥5,250;

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Kinokuniya Ryokan

Features relaxing stone bath. 3-minute walk to Katase-Enoshima train station; ¥8,500-11,500;.

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Kishu Railway Katase Enoshima Hotel

1-minute walk to Katase-Enoshima train station; about ¥9,000 for 1-2 people;

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KKR Enoshima New Koyo

Parking available. 10-minute walk to Katase-Enoshima train station;.

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Lovers Bell

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Mos Cafe

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