El Mina

Mina is a coastal city in Lebanon. It occupies the old Phoenician city of Tripoli.

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Saint Francis Monastery

In 2008, the Monastery was renovated and is now providing lodging facilities for monks and foreigners visiting North Lebanon. There are currently 6 spacious rooms that can accommodate up to 12 guests with a possibility of adding extra beds. All rooms include an en-suite bathroom and telephone. Saint Francis Monastery in EL Mina also has a kitchenette, a multipurpose lounge with a satellite TV, internet access and cafeteria.

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Zambo parade

Each year on the weekend preceding Clean Monday (usually between March and April), hundreds of locals organize and participate in lively musical parades wearing Pagan outfits and masks. The origin of this old tradition is unknown but some people link it to local Greek families (Greek Mardi Gras). What ever the origin is, El Mina is surely the only place in Lebanon where you enjoy such an exotic experience.

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Quality Inn

Located in El Mina (Beirut Highway), this hotel has 112 luxurious rooms and suites. There are 4 restaurants, Roof Top Restaurant, Garden Barbecue Grill, Piano Bar, and Coffee Shop, featuring a wide selection of continental and authentic cuisines. The hotel also has a Leisure Club, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts and a health club with jaccuzi, sauna, Turkish baths and massage.

Mina Old Town

Inhabited since the 14th century B.C., El Mina was ruled sequentially by Persians, Alexander the Great's successors, the Romans, Mamluke Muslims, Turkish Ottomans, and the French. As a result, the old town is filled with history, including mosques and churches, a Caravan Serail, a Mamluk Fortress, and souk (traditional marketplaces).

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St. Georges (Jorjios) Cathedral

In 1732, Mgr. Makarios built a new church in El-Mina; he took the permission from Ottoman authorities represented by the minister Suleiman Pasha (known as "Ibn Al-‘az̨m") who tried to get this decision from Constantinople. On May 8, 1732, El-Mina Citizens placed the corner stone and achieved the construction in August 1732.

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The Corniche is the city's most visited site. A long sidewalk along the coast of the city, approximately 4.5 km long, where people come for a walk, sports and leisure activities such as fishing and sailing. A large number of cafes along the corniche is an attractive site for tourists and locals alike.

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Mina people used to claim that falafel is their traditional dish until they found out that most Falafel cafeterias in Mina (and most probably around the world) are owned by Palestinians!. yet, they still believe that Falafel is originally from Mina.

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Hammams (traditional bathhouses)

It is known by the old bathhouse. It was built around 1740 by the Tripoli governor Asaad Pasha Al-Azem who built also the bathhouse known as the new one in internal region of the Tripoli. It is under the Big High Mosque.

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Deguise Mosque (Omar Ben Al-Khattab)

This mosque was built by one of Al-Dakiz family living in El-Mina since long time (Circa 1800). At the beginning, it was built without a minaret, which means that it was rather a school than a mosque.

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The Lion Tower (Burj El Sibaa)

El-Mina traditionally was a walled city, with five outpost towers to protect the city from external invasion. Lions or Barsabay (Bourj Al-Siba'a) which is the only tower still standing today.

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Mino-Labban street

A pedestrian street with more than 40 bars and restaurants. the street became a main spot in Mina and a must visit place especially by young tourists.

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House of arts Lodging

There are lodging facilities in Beit Alfan for artists and foreign students. Check with Beit Alfan for room availability and prices.

SLEEP   —  +961 3 387714 —  Mina- Bi'a

Beit AL-Fann (House of arts)

Build on the remains of an old church, Beit Alfan has become a center for cultural activities in North Lebanon.

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Cava Mino

Bar. One of the best bars to have a drink..Poetry nights, Jazz nights, and much more.

DRINK   —  Mino Street

Sheikh Affan Sscaffold

It was established upon the request of orange and lemon's merchants in 1871.

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The Reserve of Palms Islands

is the second largest island and is declared a national fish preservation.

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Continental, Steak night, Romantic dinners.

EAT   —  +961 6-212223 —  Corniche Road

Abu Said

Hommos (Chick peas) and Fool (Black peas).

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Abu Fadi

Sea food and Grilled fish

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restaurant and Bar

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Al lounge

restaurant and Bar

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Bar and grill

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Snack bar.

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About El Mina

Many people get confused between Tripoli and Mina thinking that Mina is just one neighbourhood of Tripoli. But this is not correct; Mina is a city with a long and rich history and a municipality that dates back to the 19th century. The Greeks first inhabited the city and then the Turkish and of course the Syrians. The people of Mina (Minawiyeh) have their own accent which is totally different than other accents in other areas and regions in Lebanon. French and English are widely spoken in Mina although the average English knowledge is very low.

Source: wikivoyage