Edessa (Έδεσσα) is a town in Central Macedonia, Greece.

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Varosi 4 seasons Hotel

Varosi 4 seasons is a new, charming hotel, build with the local architectural style of the 1900's, with stone and wood. Varosi 4 seasons is located in Varosi, the old neighbourhood of Edessa, just a few steps from the impressive waterfalls, overlooking the plains of Pella.


The most famous attraction of Edessa is its waterfalls. The park, where the waterfalls can be seen is near the railway station. The area next to the waterfalls has been developed so that one can pass below the main waterfall and watch the view from there.

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Gaia Kaimaktsalan Hotel

Gaia Kaimaktsalan Hotel & Spa Resort is located at a distance of 7 km from the town of Aridaia and just 2 km from the mineral baths of Pozar and is certainly one of the best Pozar Hotels.

Guesthouse Varosi

The old family house has been reformed to a warm, welcoming guesthouse that offers the original atmosphere of Greek hospitality

Hotel Elena

SLEEP   —  +30 2381023218 —  Dimitriou Rizou 4

Museum of Folklore

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