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Märket lighthouse

Lighthouse in the Sea of Åland, on tiny skerry with the border to Sweden. Trips of 4–5 hours (one hour each way) arranged by the Käringsund guest harbour. Guided tour, coffee and seal watching. Proper clothes and footwear needed. Cancelled in bad weather or with few customers (unless specially arranged).

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Eckerö post- och tullhus

The post and customs house of 1828, by Ludvig Engel and Carlo Bassi, is hugely oversize for the village, as it was built as a symbol of the Russian empire at the main mail route to Sweden. The building also hosts artists in residence.

SEE   —  +358 40-179-9715 —  Storby

Game safari

45 min safari tour, game pasture with red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, ostriches and llamas. Also accomodation and boat trips.

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Guest harbour

Full service guest harbour. Restaurant. Open May–August.

Käringsunds camping

Open 14 June–14 August


Eckerö hotell & restaurang

Hotel and restaurant.

Hunting and Fishing Museum

SEE   —  +358 18 382-99 —  Fiskeläge 37