Dongguan (东莞 Dōngguǎn) is in Guangdong Province in China, about 100 km from Hong Kong.

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Mrs Forest Park Water

Water poon waterfalls, located in the south of downtown water poon mountain forest park. Water poon mountain old say peng mountain cave, elevation 378.8 meters, fangyuan more than 10, rolling hills, rocky coastlines, because yesterday have hidden in the PengGong floor, the name with relievo mountain. Peng ShuiLian cave, one of the Ming dynasty in the dongguan eight sights.

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Pullman Dongguan Forum

This new hotel is a charming low rise Chinese style hotel adjoining a museum and art gallery and offers private access to the famous Qifeng Mountain. Guests enjoy a choice of restaurants, private rooms, meeting rooms for over 400 delegates, spa, gymnasium.

Grand Noble

The first 5-star business hotel to open in Dongguan. It is centrally located and convenient to shopping and dining options. In-house restaurants feature Cantonese, Japanese, American, and Italian foods.

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Crown Prince Hotel

An excellent 5 star hotel. Certainly worth a visit with excellent facilities, and even its own 'opera' house presenting superb show extravaganzas (do not be mislead by the 'opera' title).

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Richwood Garden Hotel

While a bit out of the way, is spectacular in design and construction. The restaurants, particularly the Chinese and Southeast Asian restaurants, are also some of the best in the area.

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Sofitel Royal Lagoon Hotel

Secluded and set back away from the main road. It has a resort type feel and even has its own water park. A 36 hole golf course is adjacent to the property.

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Hyatt Regency Dongguan

5 star hotel with 350 rooms and suites, a 2,500 sq-metre Convention and Exhibition Centre, a 1,800 sq m freeform swimming pool and a spa.


Popular club and local hangout with a dance floor and good cocktails.

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One for the Road

Popular Ex-Patriot bar. English pub style. Good food, good beer.

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The Dongcheng International

Quite old and does not have the best buffet in town.

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Popular club and local hangout with a dance floor.

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Beijing Bar

A popular hangout.

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