Coimbra is a historic city in Central Portugal, which serves as the regional capital and, with almost 150 000 inhabitants, is the largest municipality there and one of Portugal's four largest metropolises. An important urban and administrative centre since the birth of the Portuguese nation, the city has amassed vast cultural and architectural heritage and is the seat of one of world's oldest universities with a UNESCO-listed campus.

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Pousada de Condeixa-a-Nova - Santa Cristina, Charming Hotel

A former palace owned by the Almadas Family, was built in the 16th century. For several years it received members of the European nobility. In the first half of 19th century, the palace was transformed in an hotel inn, later on it was an orphanage to poor children and finally an asylum homeless elderly people.

Residencial Gouveia

Residencial Gouveia is located in the heart of downtown Coimbra. It is an excellent compromise between comfortable and affordable / economical price. It offers rooms with free Wi-Fi and air conditioning (optional) and allows you to make reservations at the official site. It does not include meals.

Grande Hostel de Coimbra

Hostel with lockers, free Internet, no curfew. Dorms €18 and double rooms 20 per person per night. It's a big house with a big garden and a nice and friendly atmosphere! There is a spacious living room, a well-equipped kitchen and a terrace for the guests to use.

Hotel Comfort Inn Almedina Coimbra

O Hotel Comfort Inn Almedina Coimbra is located at Coimbra city center. Free access to Wi-Fi and Internet. Nearby train stations and bus stops. Transportation to all the city 50 meters from the hotel. Parking facilities.

Fangas Mercearia Bar

Small but tasty dishes, rich in flavour mainly because they use local products, good vegetarian even vegan choice, nice selection of Portuguese wines, surprising(ly good) desserts.

Molho de Brocolos

Organic vegan food. Location isn't great tucked away at the back of the 2nd floor of a slightly run-down shopping centre, but the food and the staff totally make up for it.

Residencial Pensão Vitória

Located near the train station. Recently renewed. Excellent location, has good rooms with AC/good heating during the colder months. Very friendly staff. Superb kitchen.

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Residencia Aeminium Coimbra

Great location near transportations and all main attractions. Good alternative to hotels or hostels with a good quality-price ratio.

SLEEP   —  +351 239 829426 —  Map

The Oslo Hotel Coimbra

Near the train station and all main attractions. It has recently been renewed, the staff are helpful and the view is nice.

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Quinta das Lágrimas

The best and most expensive hotel in Coimbra. The hotel itself is a historical site.

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University of Coimbra

On the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2013 - the famous old library shuts at 7PM.

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Meliá Palácio da Lousã

The country's first boutique hotel. Located in Serra da Lousã.

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Hotel Ibis Coimbra

It's a modern looking hotel with amazing features.

Menu Verde

Delicious ovo-lacto vegetarian food.

EAT   —  +351 239-840-207 —  Map

Parque Verde do Mondego

City park by the Mondego River

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Quinta das Lagrimas

and its tragic story of love

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Eurostadium Cidade de Coimbra

one of the Euro 2004 stages

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Penedo da Saudade

a beautiful garden

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Igreja de Santa Cruz

church in Baixa

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Pousada de Juventude

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Old Cathedral

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Medieval Downtown

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Jardim da Sereia

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Botanical Garden

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Museum of Science

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Forum Coimbra

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