Cochabamba (department)

Cochabamba is a department in the Sub-Andean region of Bolivia. It lies in the Andean valley region of Bolivia, between the tropical lowlands of Santa Cruz and the highlands and altiplano in Potosí and La Paz.

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Hotel Tucan

This hotel is 2 km from Villa Tunari, on the main road to Santa Cruz. We asked our trufi driver to drop us off at the entrance. Otherwise you will have to walk or take a taxi (10 Bolivianos) to the entrance. It´s 200 Bolivianos per night for a simple, and 160 Bolivianos per night for a triple (per person). All rooms are the same; you pay based on the number of people in the rooms. The showers are hot, the towels are clean. Not a bad place, and breakfast is included. I would not recommend eating dinner there, as the food is overpriced and underwhelming. The pools are free to use.

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Fundacion Delpia

"Fundacion para el Desarrollo Local de los Pueblos Indigenas Amazonicos-Andinos" is a non-profit organization that organizes tours to the National Park ''Isiboro Sécure'' and visits to local indigenous communities (4-5 days). Visitors can choose to get either integrated into the daily life of the local families (fishing, cooking, hunting, sleeping in traditional hut etc) or touring the national park with an indigenous guide by foot or canoe (sleeping in tents)

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About Cochabamba (department)

Cochabamba is both the name for the department (like a state or province in other countries) and for the capital city, Cochabamba.

Like all Bolivian departments, Cochabamba is politically divided into several provinces. The capital city is coterminous with the province of Cercado. In general, the political divisions of Bolivia beyond department are not relevant to tourists, unless volunteering with an organization that works within a specific city, for example in a development project within the Cercado province.


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