Bury is a town and borough in Greater Manchester, in the North West of England. Bury is pronounced "Berry".

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The Rock

is a largely developing shopping district in the town centre, which already contains a wide variety of places to eat, shop and drink. Recently, there have been plans to make a massive refurbishment (the largest the town has ever seen) to build the biggest entertainment centre in Northern Manchester; it shall soon sport some of the best names on the shopping high street, as well as family entertainment, such as bowling and a cinema complex to be moved closer to the town centre than before, which were all previously located at Park 66, just off the M66 motorway. In brief more bars and eateries than before as well as recently-built apartments, located just next to the town centre and Town Hall.

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Peel Tower/ Holcombe Hill

Peel Tower is one of the most notable of Bury's monuments, as it resides upon Holcombe Hill, which sits 1100 ft above Ramsbottom. Peel Tower is perfect for fans of walking, and has plenty of footpaths in various locations throughout the Bury district, and since the tower is always in sight on the roads, it makes it an easy place to find. Thankfully, there is a bench on the top of the hill to accompany the tower, for resting. The sights from the hill are astounding, and have to be seen to grasp Bury's true natural beauty. From here you can see the urban sprawl around Manchester, The Peak District and beyond.

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Sol Viva

The centre of night-life in Bury, Sol Viva is a popular resort for youths, especially at the weekend. Please keep in mind, that this nightclub ''strictly'' requires I.D. (driving licence or passport are the only two forms of identification that are often accepted) for you to get in, and queues can stretch almost half a mile down the road. The later the time, the harder it will be to get in, so it is advised that preparations are made to arrive as soon as the club opens. There is private suites, which can be booked for parties.

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Mill Gate Shopping Centre

This shopping centre houses many of the brands you would come to expect from a typical shopping centre (WHSmiths, Waterstones, Marks And Spencers), but it does have a unique selection of jewellers, among the largest selection in Manchester, if not ''the'' largest selection in a shopping centre.

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The Village Hotel

is considered to be a very good hotel in the Bury area. It has good facilities, for example a good swimming pool area with a sauna, and an extensive gym amongst other things. The views are mediocre, often of the M66 motorway. The hotel seems to be quite clean.

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parish church

There is a fine parish church in the centre of town, next to a monument to Sir John Peel. Out of town The Peel Tower is worth the hike in fine weather. It is just up the steepest of hills from Ramsbottom. On a good day you can see as far as North Wales!

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The Met

A small theatre in the town centre hosts many touring acts and local productions and some big names can be seen there for modest ticket prices.

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A large bar located directly behind the 'Robert Peel' statue. Features a fair selection of food and drinks at a good price.

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Bury Art Gallery & Museum

has a small but impressive collection of pre-Raphaelite and neoclassical painting and other exhibitions.

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East Lancs Railway

It is a ride on a steam or diesel train, and the line is about 12miles long.

About Bury

Bury is located 5 miles east of Bolton, 7 west of Rochdale, Bury is approximately 10 miles north west of Manchester.

Bury, "home of the Black Pudding", has existed in various forms since the Industrial Revolution when it was a mill town based around the production of textiles. It has grown rapidly over the past decades to become the heart of a metropolitan borough. The borough stretches from wealthy Prestwich and Whitefield (Manchester's suburbia, with thriving, long-established Jewish populations), in the south, past the historically industrial town of Radcliffe to the pleasant small town of Ramsbottom, in the north, bordering Rossendale.

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