Bulolo is a city in Morobe province in Papua New Guinea.

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The Insect Farming and Trading Agency (IFTA)

IFTA was set up to provide villagers with eco-friendly alternatives to selling their land for logging rights. Now, over 1500 people participate in insect farming and collecting. It works on Fair Trade principles and is owned and operated by the P.N.G. University of Technology as a part of its community development program together with its sister establishment - The Rainforest Habitat. Both aim to promote rainforest friendly enterprises

Pine Lodge

First constructed during the Gold Rush this hotel still retains a certain colonial charm. Just 17 rooms.

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About Bulolo

Bulolo was once an important gold dredging centre. Eight large dredges were built and used in the Bulolo River, and several of these dredges can still be seen abandoned today, slowly being reclaimed by the jungle. The major industry is now forestry and there are large plantings of Klinki pine (Norfolk Island pine) trees. It is in an area with a vast number of butterflies and other insects.


Source: wikivoyage