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Is located at 1,834 m altitude on top of Berchtesgaden and provides a marvellous and unforgettable view over the eastern alps. You can reach it by foot, public transport, but it is not accessible by car. The Kehlsteinhaus was constructed as a present for Hitler on his 50th birthday, although he visited relatively few times. However, the house is interesting as a historical site because it remains with only minor alterations from its original state. At the end of the war, the famed American 101st Airborne Division took control of the house, and it was spared from the destruction suffered by other Nazi leadership buildings in Berchtesgaden, although most of the Nazi era artifacts were looted. Tickets for this attraction can be purchased at the tour center above Berchtesgaden in the village of Obersalzberg.

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Is located 3 miles south of Berchtesgaden and is famous for the lake Königsee, which is the deepest lake in the alps and is surrounded by very steep mountain that raise up 2000 m above the lake level. You can make a boat trip to the other side of the lake to visit the world famous “Kloster St. Bartolomä”, the smaller lake “Obersee” and enjoy the wildlife of the national park. Hiking is very popular in summer and tours around the lake are sign posted. Routes are prepared by the “Deutsche Alpenverein” and they indicate usually how long it takes to get to your destination and they indicate how difficult they are. [[Image:Germany, Berchtesgaden, Walking on frozen Lake Konigsee.jpg|thumb|240x|Lake Konigsee 2006]]

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Is the second, smaller cable car in Berchtesgaden and will bring you onto the Obersalzberg but not upon its top. The upper station you can enjoy a summer bob sledding run.

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Jenner Mountain

Is on the east side of the Königssee and due to the cable car an easy possibility to have an excellent view over the Berchtesgaden valley.

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Berchtesgaden Salt Mine

Is one of the two saltmines in the Salzberg. The other one is on the Austrian side.

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Hotel Edelweiss Berchtesgaden


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