Berbera is a large city in the autonomous region of Somaliland. Popular golden beaches such as Bathaale and Batalaale have earned the city the nickname beach city.

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Al Madiina

Located near the centre of Berbera. The rooms vary in quality, depending on price. The most expensive ones have air-conditioning.

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NASA Runway

A huge runway built in the 1980s as an emergency landing for space shuttles.

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Baathela Beach

A pristine, sandy beach about 4km from the centre of town.

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Maan-Soor Hotel

Consists of cottages near the beach, but not facing it.

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About Berbera

Baathela Beach near Man-Soor Hotel
Baathela Beach near Man-Soor Hotel

Berbera is a port city that lies on the coast of Somaliland, facing the Gulf of Aden. For this reason, it's the economic centre of Somaliland, attracting most of the trade that takes place in the country. The city while also serves Ethiopia's trading needs. In terms of attractions, Berbera doesn't have a whole lot to offer. The primary reason for visiting the city rather is to absorb the culture and lifestyle. Today, much of the city is simply crumbling buildings and mud-thatch houses.


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