Bandar Seri Begawan

Bandar Seri Begawan, also known as BSB or just Bandar, is the capital of Brunei.

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Kampong Ayer village

The water village is a beautiful sight to see hundreds of houses seemingly floating on water. The water village people are very friendly and many open up their homes to visitors year-round. Water taxis can be found by walking along the Brunei river or the main market in Bandar Seri Begawan and waving one down. Try to negotiate the price down. You shouldn't pay more than B$30 for an hour-long tour (B$15 for half an hour) of Kampong Ayer. Even though the water taxis are not wheelchair-friendly, their drivers are very willing to lend a hand and even team up and carry a person in a wheelchair on board; ask for a larger boat though. If you'd rather not shell out the dough for a water-taxi tour, consider wandering around the villages yourself. You can start from behind the Sultan's Mosque or from the other bank in '''Batu Satu'''.

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Pusat Belia Youth Hostel

'''Closed until mid March 2016'''. Brunei's only youth hostel, it is designed more for school groups than for backpackers. Dorm beds are B$10/night, making it the cheapest sleep in town. Male and female sleeping quarters are separated, so this can be an inconvenience for couples. The location, however, is quite convenient as it is close to downtown BSB. The rooms are spacious and clean, as the commodities. The free WiFi is not always available. It is best to arrange a bed in advance, since the manager is not always present. He generally arrives at 7:30PM but is reachable by phone during the day. The e-mail addresses indicated online are wrong. There's also a swimming pool nearby ($1, 8AM-6PM).

The Holiday Lodge Hotel

The Holiday Lodge Hotel, in restful tones of terra cotta and cream with deep green trim, features a two-storey foyer where guests are greeted with traditional hospitality. Well-known for warm and friendly service, located near Jerudong Park, on the coastline of the South China Sea, and roughly equidistant from Brunei International Airport and Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam's Capital, The Holiday Lodge Hotel offers a relaxing environment and proximity to the country's attraction: Jerudong Park Playground. Jerudong Park Playground is a mere 5 minutes' walk or a complimentary shuttle from The Holiday Lodge Hotel.

KH Soon Resthouse

Although it is probably the worst deal in South East Asia, its major advantage is its excellent location, right downtown near the bus terminal, with an ATM on the corner and an Internet café in the adjacent alley. The staff are friendly and helpful, though the rooms are really spartan. 24-hour reception. No Wi-Fi, no shared computer, no non-smoking area, no Western-style toilets, no booking service, no fan. Also note that everyone in the building opposite the road will see you when you take your shower. In the same building you will find a very useful information center, '''Borneo Guide'''.

SLEEP   —  +673 222-2052 —  140 Jalan Pemancha

Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque

Open to visitors when it is not being used for prayers (opening times are posted by the gate). The mosque is very welcoming and you will be given a robe upon entry. Remove your shoes before entering and be respectfully quiet inside as there may be some people there meditating and praying. The mosque is visible from around the centre of the city, but the entrance is located on Jalan McArthur, just south of Jalan Elizabeth Dua.

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Royal Regalia Museum

It displays the royal accessories utilised during the coronation, and gifts received by the Sultan from all dignitaries around the world, and civilians alike. Definitely worth checking out. If you don't have time to visit both, and need to choose between this museum or "Brunei Museum" at Kota Batu, choose this one.

Istana Nurul Iman

The residential palace of the Sultan. It is not possible to enter, yet the huge size of the palace attracts tourists to snap picture in front of the gate. The palace is however, hidden behind the landscapes, so a better picture can be seen in flyers or souvenirs that feature it.

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Joy Downtown Rest-Station

Opened since Dec 2015. It offers one of the cheapest accomodations in town. Friendly staff, they can give you advices of how to go to many parts of the city. Clean rooms but you can hear your neighbours since there is a gap of space in the roof of the rooms.

Jerudong Park

It was one of the best parks back in 2000s, but these days of glory are faded away long time ago. It got some renovation in 2015 but anyway still some parts of it look abandoned. It consists of two parts: playground and water park.

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Traders Inn

Coffee Lounge offers various Asian and western cuisine as well as coffee and treats. Free Wi-Fi is available in every room. Make sure to book at appointment at the Foot Reflexology Center after a long day of sightseeing.

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Jame'Asr Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque

Another mosque, that resembles Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque. Whereas Omar Ali Saifuddin mosque is built to commemorate Sultan Omar, this mosque is to commemorate the current reigning Sultan.

Brunei Hotel

Located along Jalan Pemancha, a 15-minute drive from the international airport. Rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with satellite TV, a mini-bar, IDD telephone, and Internet access.

SLEEP   —  +673 2244 828 —  95 Jalan Pemancha

The Empire Hotel and Country Club

Asia's Ultimate Family, Beach and Spa resort that overlooks the South China Sea. A 5-star property that is itself one of Brunei's tourist attractions. Rooms from US $150.

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APEK Utama Hotel

Another budget option. Cozy and a great deal. The only disadvantage is that it's 2 km from downtown BSB, but Bus 39 (B$1) or water taxis (B$1–2) can solve this problem.

Brunei Museum

Has just closed for a undetermined period of time, maybe until 2016. Though had an excellent display in the Islamic Art Gallery. It is highly recommended.

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LeGallery Hotel

In the Seri Complex - B$58/night. A boutique hotel located in the heart of the Seri Complex. Offers friendly and artistic ambience with reasonable rates.

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Malay Technology Museum

This place has many exhibits featuring the different style of houses and lifestyle of those who live on the water village.

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Aminah Arif Restaurant

One of a few local restaurants that features the Bruneian delicacy ''ambuyat'' and a pretty good range of other food too.

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Jeruton Hotel

Convenient only for the Jerudong area but excellent value withs rooms with a/c and restaurant. Car or taxi essential.

The Mall

Probably the best place to shop. Located in Gadong, it is also combined with the '''Rizqun Hotel'''.

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Serasa Beach

Beach got a major face lift in 2015 and now features stylish restaurants, showers, walking trails.

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Built by the sultan to support the welfare of the people. Located in central Bandar.

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Tasek Lama Recreational Park

Huge park close to the city with lots of walking trails and a waterfall.

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Radisson Hotel Brunei Darussalam

Walking distance to several tourist attractions in the city

Muara Beach

Beautiful beach with food stalls, playground and washrooms.

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